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2023: Atiku seeks Kano tricycle riders’ support

The Presidential Candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Atiku Abubakar, has solicited the support of  Kano tricycle riders to achieve his ambition of becoming the President in the upcoming general election on February 25,th, 2023.

Atiku made the appeal through his special envoy, Hajiya Baraka Sani, when she met with the association of Kano Tricycle riders on Sunday  in the state.

She said for those who are not owners of the tricycles, in Atiku Abubakar plans for job creation, poverty alleviation, they would have better opportunities to  own theirs, through affordable single digit loan guarantees and various schemes contained in the Wazirin Adamawa’s agenda to empower them all.

“I can also see that many of you are still young and would Like to go back to school, but haven’t been able to afford it, in an Atiku Abubakar education  plan, there’s a provision for the award of scholarship and grants to young people in especially in disadvantaged areas. In addition to making available, students loan to those who may want to go further.”

“I’m sure you are bothered about heavy taxation by the authorities, this is because currently the economic and monetary policies on ground have contributed to ruining the value of our currency, the states are broke and it has become a no way out situation. Their only fall back is to apply multiple taxation, and to over tax the citizens in order to run the Government, this is unacceptable in an Atiku Abubakar Government.”

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“He has asked me to inform you that, With him, all our tears shall be wiped away, because just like many of you here, he has seen the good and bad days. But with hard work and perseverance, Almighty God has made him what he is today, because of this, he wants to put a smile on the  faces of women who are working hard to feed their children, on the faces of young Nigerians who are hopeful for a good future, on the faces of men, who are struggling to feed their families, on the faces of every single Nigerian.”

“With your numbers ,You can make things happen especially in Kano state, Atiku Abubakar  needs your support, your wives support, your children’s support, all your customers support including relatives, supporting him, will make good living possible once again.”

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