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Abba Yusuf reacts to ‘indiscriminate release’ of criminals, vows to address security challenges in Kano

Kano Governor Abba Kabir Yusuf has cautioned judges against indiscriminate release of thugs arrested for violence in the state.  

He said the unwarranted release contributes to the increase in crimes and criminality as he underscored the threat of frequent release of arrested thugs and other criminals to the wellbeing of the state’s residents. 

He has also called security agencies in the state to promptly bring an end to thuggery and other criminal activities that are disrupting peace in specific areas of the Kano metropolis.

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He gave the directives at the commencement of the 15th weekly meeting of the Kano State Executive Council held at the Government House on Saturday.

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He expressed disapproval of the recent upsurge in thuggery and clashes involving Yan Daba, affirming that the government will not passively observe while unscrupulous elements endanger the relative tranquillity and harmony enjoyed by law-abiding citizens of the state.

Yusuf vowed that the state government is diligently collaborating with relevant security agencies to ensure the safety and security of the populace and their possessions at all times.


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