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Ambassador Kazaure and self-confessional misdeeds-Adamu Aminu


This seems to be the first time in Nigerian political history that a long-aged Hausa adage was refuted.

A proverbial wise saying that goes like this ” Laifi bashi Ubangida” means “A misdeed doesn’t have a landlord”.

But, an ex-Minister and former Ambassador  Ibrahim Shehu Kazaure had set a record by stemming out boldly and telling Nigerians that he was among birds of the same feathers, flocking together in the nation’s political arena.

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Now a misdeed has gotten a landlord, who doesn’t feel apologetic for his unguarded openness for the past misdeeds committed.

The ex-minister during the reign of former President Good luck Jonathan who point blankly said in an interview with Radio France International Hausa, that most Nigerian politicians from 1999 to date deserve to be in jail for embezzlement of public funds.

The word, “embezzlement” according to dictionary meaning is to appropriate (something, such as property entrusted to one’s care) fraudulently to one’s use.

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But in the layman’s perception with the “embezzlement” connotations goes beyond that in comparison with what the ex-minister tried to emphasised and make it clearly understood to Nigerians that most politicians served in various capacities (including himself) from the return of democracy till date, they have nothing to write home about.

He meant that those crops of politicians are culpable enough to be behind bars for what he described as bandwagon of kleptocrats, whose avarice to accumulate wealth from public coffers and command influences is their priority, while majority of the citizenry particularly at this moment are living under penury.

One may wonder what motivates Ambassador Shehu Kazaure to make such confession public.

Has he become a born again nationalist to the extent of a confession of his past misdeeds to Nigerians that the nation is under the rule of corporate swindlers?

Why still no one among the nation’s political elites doesn’t come out and challenge ambassador Kazaure for this unguarded mass indictment?

Well, I think Ambassador Shehu, Kazaure the self-confessed embezzler seems to be too late to tell Nigerians what brand of rulers they were governed by.

Aminu, a media professional writes from Kano

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