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Amid ongoing custody battle, Sophia Momodu discusses her joy as Imade’s mother

Sophia Momodu, Davido’s baby mama, discusses the joy she feels as a mother after being welcomed to her daughter’s school for World Career Day.

Amidst their ongoing custody fight, Sophia reminisced on the commencement of summer vacation.

One of her favorite memories is being invited to Imade’s renowned school for World Career Day as a social brand influencer, or as she refers to it, the “Soft Money Gang.”

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Sophia described having a terrific time discussing all affecting factors, sharing her experiences, and answering various questions.

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She added that she is amazed to see the new generation learning to combine working smart and working hard in their quest to find their purpose.

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She said; “As the summer break begins, I find myself reminiscing, and I miss having a school routine with Imade.

“One of my fondest memories of school being in session was when I had the honour of being invited to my daughter’s prestigious school for World Career Day as a social/brand influencer—or what I like to call “soft money gang”.

“We had a blast chatting about all things influencing, sharing experiences, and answering endless questions.”


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