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Athletic Football Academy wins U-13 Bundesliga cup in Kaduna

By Muhammad Ahmed

The final match of the Under-13 Bundesliga Cup Kaduna held last week, between Athletic Football Academy and its counterpart Kuso Boys Football Academy.

Athletic Football Academy won the game with  3-0 spanking Kuso Boys, which gave them the victory to win the Under-13 Youth Cup for the first time.

SOLACEBASE reports that 24 Youth teams participated in the competition which started in August 2023, with the tournament attracting the attention of many football fans in Kaduna.

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Former players who played in the Nigerian Premier League and those who played outside the country attended the final match which took place at the Secret Heart Stadium in Kaduna Police Barracks.

The athletic team got the big cup and its player Yassir Awwal scored the most goals in the competition with 7 goals the most talented in the competition got the award of Golden Boot and the Golden Ball, so also the Kuso Boys team Football Academy won a smaller trophy.

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German Bundesliga is gaining more popularity in Kaduna and also in Northern  Nigeria. Especially seeing how such competition attracted football fans in the state.

Mohammed Mohammed, DW Hausa Correspondent in Kaduna, also the Bundesliga ambassador who organized the tournament, said: this is not the first time that the Bundesliga Cup has been organized in the state but this is the first tournament for the Kids. 

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According to him, he spent 5 years organizing this competition, but we thought of starting with the children, which will increase the children’s confidence and attract their attention to the Bundesliga competition that is played in Germany.

He went on to say that he was really happy with the way the kids played in the competition and it surprised everyone, but there is a need for the organization of the DFL and the Bundesliga itself in Germany to contribute to them,  and this will increase the Bundesliga’s reputation in Kaduna and cities like Kano and the whole of northern Nigeria.

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He noted that soon preparations will begin for another tournament in the year 2024, and it is expected that the tournament will be very exciting.


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