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Beirut road, Kwari market tragedy: The benefits of doubt or hindsight- Adamu Aminu

What happened had happened, the people of Godly consciousness have nothing to do or to say rather than to be submissive, and take every trial in life as destiny, ordained by the almighty, the deity being.

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But nothing in life happens spontaneously or by mere impulses, there must be a reason, either by action or inaction for everything that transpires by human conventional wisdom.

Many tragic events had recently happened in Kano, but the two awful incidents that stirred up the people’s sensibilities in the pyramid city are the water deluge at Kwari market and the sudden three-story building collapse at GSM market, Beirut road, in Kano.

First of all, the torrential rain that wreak havoc almost across the federation resulted in the loss of life and properties of huge financial magnitude, of which Kano state is not an exception, including Kantin Kwari –  the famous clothing-material market in Nigeria.

Among the immediate causes leading to the flooding of the market, the vicinity lacking the proper drainage system, and the indiscriminate raising of illegal building structures on waterways, without the instinct to bear the brunt that comes with the effects of the rain.

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This was seemingly or largely due to the complacency or oversight of the state-building regulation agencies, based on the fact that no one has the right to erect a structure in the market without government approval.

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The question is, wasn’t the state government aware of the illegal shops blocking the waterways which cause the flooding?

Are there benefits of the doubt or hindsight, after the tragedy that resulted in the loss of property and merchandise worth millions of naira in the market?

Coming down to Beirut road, where the tragedy of the building collapse amidst the GSM market sent scores of people to their early graves.

Reports have it that the building was initiated by a faulty take-off from its foundation up to the last floor.

And the traders in the market, for a long, have been pessimistic about the building structure which wears the look of a disaster-in-waiting, to the extent that no one dares to stealthy report to the concerned authorities in fear of repercussions.

The question is, who are the engineers supervising the construction, are they quacks or government certified?

If they are certified, government engineers deserve to face a panel of inquiries and corroborate how the collapse came about.

At this juncture, no one needs to be told, what to be done to forestall future recurrence of such avoidable tragedies.

One not to be deluded by the thought of being a Godly conscious, and goes astray of his injunctions and expected a positive outcome.

The government and the general public must tackle the hesitancy disposition to complement each other efforts towards what is needed in averting such calamities in the future.

Anyway, to be forewarned is worth being forearmed.

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