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Buhari goes to farm 4-days a week after presidency- Garba Shehu

Garba Shehu, media aide to former President Muhammadu Buhari, revealed that his principal has been spending his time away from office attending to his farm in Daura, Katsina State.
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Shehu made this known in a statement released on Thursday titled ‘One Hundred Days after Buhari’.

The statement said Buhari chose to stay in Daura to be far away from Abuja in order not to distract the new APC administration and in the hope that the distance will make it possible for him to have a good rest.

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It reads, “He goes to the farm four days of the week and is upbeat about how well the crops and his animals are now doing. He gets a good measure of rest but the visits have not abated. To manage the numbers, he has a weekly program drawn for him as they did while he was in the Villa.”

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The statement said the former President receives myriads of “special guests” which include party faithful, grassroots groups, farmers, artisans, artists, praise singers, nurses and doctors, religious leaders, community leaders and several other professionals.

It also said critics have refused to acknowledge the achievements of Buhari when he was in power.

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“There has not been a single area that had not been touched by the Buhari government. We have seen massive positive changes in the last eight years but as they say, the one who is pretending to be asleep is harder to wake up than the one who is actually sleeping.

“Bullies who attacked governments and “something dropped” will continue to antagonize Buhari borne of anger from lost opportunities. A certain Buhari “critic” who served as a Military Governor in one of the Northern States, even his underwear was bought from government coffers. When they came in they freed thieves, robbers and receivers of stolen goods and even gave them a working capital.

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“Within a few weeks, crime returned to Kaduna, and yes, the other places and he has the effrontery to speak as he did. This society has no use for such squalid nonsense!

“President Tinubu, a wise politician, will equally see through their masquerade. Muhammadu has done his part and left. History will judge him, and fairly I think,” it said.

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