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CITAD, RLF unveil book on poverty in Nigeria

By Mariya Shuaibu Suleiman

The Centre for Information Technology and Development (CITAD) in collaboration with the Rosa Luxembourg Foundation (RLF) have unveiled a book titled ‘’ The Face of Poverty in Nigeria.

The book unveiling was conducted at a thought-provoking round-table discussion held on Wednesday at the Faculty of Social Science Theatre, Yusuf Maitama Sule University Kano.

The focus of the discussion was a critical review of the book.

Speaking at the event, CITAD representative, Mal. Isah Garba emphasized the significance of the discussion in addressing the pervasive issue of poverty in Nigeria.

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Garba decried the increasing poverty that has thrown many citizens into serious hardship.

SOLACEBASE reports that the book: The Face of Poverty in Nigeria, was a research project supported by the Rosa Luxembourg Foundation and the Yusufu Bala Usman Institute.

Dr. Jazuli Muktar, the Chairman of the occasion and staff of the Department of Geography at Yusuf Maitama University highlighted the urgency of addressing poverty and set the stage for the ensuing discussions.

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Dr. Farida Mohammed Shehu, from the Department of Banking & Finance, Bayero University Kano, as the first speaker to review the book, delved into the executive summary, providing insights into the book’s strengths and weaknesses.

Her comprehensive analysis laid the groundwork for the subsequent critiques.

Also, a lecturer with Department of Economics, Bayero University Kano , Dr. Muhammad Ibrahim Abdullahi critically assessed the executive summary and argued that the book partially explored the causes and poverty levels, asserting that there are multifaceted issues contributing to poverty beyond mere corruption.

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Similarly, Salisu Bako expanded the discourse by highlighting additional factors contributing to poverty in Nigeria.

He pointed out issues of pollution and other factors, stressing that poverty is no longer confined to rural areas but has become a pervasive challenge in urban settings as well. Bako underscored the collaborative efforts of both governmental and non-governmental organizations in the fight against poverty.

Bako also expressed concerns over the escalation of poverty, noting that as of 2023, the number of impoverished individuals has surged compared to the statistics from 2010. He emphasized the pressing need for concerted efforts to reverse this concerning trend.        



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