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Kano 2023: Don’t vote LGBT promoters, Islamic clerics warn

Sequel to the claims by Lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender (LGBT) group that they have succeeded in fielding their members as candidates in some states in the upcoming general elections in Nigeria, that is barely two weeks away, Islamic clerics in Kano state have cautioned electorates to be observant on the candidates they vote.

According to several projects related fact finding research and spontaneous polls conducted in some institutions of higher learning and amongst clusters of young people in social media groups and platforms, this is common everywhere but more pronounced in cities of Lagos, Kano, Port Harcourt, Sokoto, Abuja, Maiduguri, Ibadan, Kaduna and Owerri.

However, most of Islamic Clerics in Kano condemned the move and revealed that though names were not mentioned, there is a need to take the groups’ claims serious.

Speaking on the issue recently, Sheikh Imam Nura Imam, the Chief Imam of Tudunwada Friday Mosque, in Nasarawa local government area of Kano State, revealed that it is time for all Muslims to unite and fight the trend. According to him, the trend is indeed a threat to humanity.

He called on all authorities concern to tame the movement and save Nigeria and Nigerians prosperity.

Another cleric Sheikh Auwal Alhassan the chief Imam of Gwagwarwa stated that it is disheartening to note that what no religion recognized is gaining recognition these days in Nigeria.

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He added that it is disgusting and worrisome to note that the group had claimed that they have succeeded in fielding candidates in the forthcoming general elections, adding that it is a duty upon the communities to fish out this promoter and ensure that they are not elected.

A social commentator in Kano, Comrade Abdullahi Ibrahim Baba says there is no gainsaying the fact that the Nigeria society will be confronted with dire consequences if this LGBT advocacy gains traction in its National Assembly, especially when such a law would embolden the gays and lesbians to openly challenge and even violently rubbish any real or perceived rational and normal counter argument against this quite uncharacteristic behavior in the society.

‘’This sad intent through politics by introducing and sponsoring LGBT members into the National Legislative System of Nigeria’s most populous State, Kano, will of course come at a great social, existential cost and unleash in its wake, major destructive consequences to all societies, the Nigerian Nation and most developing communities of the world, ‘’Ibrahim said.

It can be recalled that recent findings have shown that as Nigeria evolves into a more postmodern and more globalized state, the fundamental threat which this surge in queer attitude poses for its secularity is disturbingly manifest in the deliberate and determined effort by LGBT advocates to take over the political legislative process in its 2023 elections.

It was revealed that the basic aim of such financiers is to subsequently secure sufficient representatives in its National Assembly to push for and promulgate the law legalizing and legitimizing homosexuality among others.


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