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Federal Fire Service offsets salary arrears of 2000 personnel

More than 2000 employees of the Federal Fire Service (FFS) have been paid their outstanding salary and promotion arrears.

A statement by FFS National Public Relations officer, Abraham Paul, on Wednesday in Abuja, said the payment was a fulfilment of the commitment of the Controller-General, Mr Jaji AbudulGaniyu, to improve workers` welfare.

The statement said the payment was from 2016 to date and the arrears ranged from one month to one year.

“During the celebration of his 100 days in office, the Controller-General promised to prioritise the settlement of all pending arrears and enhance the welfare of the staff.

“Demonstrating his unwavering commitment, he has now successfully followed through on this promise, ensuring that all arrears payments are made to the deserving officers,”  the statement said.

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According to the statement, the settlement of the arrears not only provides the much needed financial relief to the affected individuals, but also serves as an acknowledgement of their dedication to service.

It stated that the payment signified the value placed on the workers efforts by the leadership and reinforced the importance of recognising and rewarding employees for their hard work and commitment.

The statement said the controller-general’s proactive approach towards improving staff welfare extended beyond the settlement of arrear payments, adding that since assumption of duty, he had implemented various measures to enhance the overall wellbeing of personnel.

“His leadership style prioritises the needs and concerns of the staff, aiming to create a conducive and supportive environment for optimal productivity and job satisfaction.

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“Under his guidance, the service has witnessed changes that have positively impacted both the staff and the service as a whole.

“This ranged from comprehensive training programmes to acquiring state-of-the-art firefighting equipment,” the statement said.

It further added that the C-G had so far demonstrated his commitment to transforming the service into a world class institution that could compete favourably with its counterparts across the globe.

The statement said the settlement of the outstanding arrears of the affected officers was not just a fulfilment of a promise, but a testament to his vision for the service.

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It explained that prioritising employee’s welfare, as well as recognising their contributions, was a way of fostering a culture of appreciation, motivation and excellence within the service. (NAN)

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