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FRSC wants Islamic law to try traffic offenders

The Sector Commander, Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) in Bauchi State, Mr Yusuf Abdullahi has clamoured for application of Sharia Law to prosecute traffic offenders to stem road crashes in the country.

He made the call in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Thursday in Bauchi.

According to him, the extant laws guiding road crashes are not stiff enough, hence, the need for introduction of the Sharia Law into traffic rules.

Abdullahi said the measure would instill discipline, encourage respect for traffic rules and promote safe road habit among motorists.

He said that it would also curtail spate of ugly scenes on the road occasioned by reckless driving.

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“Let us introduce Sharia Law into road crashes and people will wake up. Our people are too careless, and the vehicle owners don’t bother to check them.

“If we don’t introduce Sharia Law, many road users, especially in this area would not start thinking twice before doing whatever they want to do.

“The introduction of Sharia Law will curtail bad behaviour, as most of the crashes are due to negative attitude by motorists and other road users.

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“People don’t want to take a rest, they over speed because they want to make money.

“If the law is introduced, by the time you are involved in a crash, it would be investigated, the guilty and his family would also be responsible for anything that happens in that vehicle.

“In a situation where the driver lost his life to a crash, if found guilty, the owner of the vehicle would also be held responsible as it would be revealed that he didn’t do his homework before giving out the vehicle.

“The extant law is working, however, the extent to which it works is very important because in countries where Sharia Law is being implemented, it guides attitudinal conduct to a level that even relatives and friends guide their relations in terms of what to do or not do,” he said.

According to him, the offender is not left alone to bear the penalty, as the Sharia Law equally brings in the family members.

“If stiffer penalties are being attached to road traffic crash offenders, it will go a long way to help us stem all drivers and other road users and make them drive carefully to avoid crashes”.

He noted that the conventional law did not appeal to attitude nor did it take care of conducts to the final end, rather it only looked at the immediate happening while the Sharia law looked deeper into the final happening.

He said, “the Sharia law will be better. If you look at the countries where it is being practiced, it is everybody’s business because your relations and friends know that it can not be compromised”. (NAN)

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