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Ghanaian public universities declare strike over allowance disputes

Workers including teachers in 15 Ghanaian public universities on Monday declared a strike over their allowance disputes with the government.

Four labor unions of public universities said in a statement that the decision followed the variation of their conditions of service by the government.

According to them, their leadership has since April made several efforts to get the government to address issues related to their fuel, vehicle maintenance, and off-campus allowances.

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They said this was due to the harsh economic conditions and surging inflation, but that their demands were not fully satisfied.

Following a meeting between the unions and the government last week, the latter unilaterally decided to pay only the off-campus allowance, leaving the other allowances untouched.

The workers, however, said that the government was not meeting their side of the bargain..

Over 250,000 university students are estimated to be affected by the strike. (Xinhua/NAN)

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