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How Kwankwaso betrayed me-Shekarau

Former governor of Kano, Ibrahim Shekarau says that he was not only betrayed, but humiliated by the presidential candidate of the New Nigeria People Party (NNPP) and former governor of the state, Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso.

Speaking to his supporters at the Kano Foundation office, on Bayero University Road in Kano, the senator representing Kano Central senatorial district in the Upper House, said it was over for him in NNPP.

He regretted that while they allocated a party’s ticket to him upon his defection from All Progressives Congress, none of his supporters that came along with him was given a ticket by the party

Recalling his relationship with Kwankwaso at the NNPP, Shekarau said on May 5, 2022 long before both of them joined NNPP, “I personally met him at his country home and discussed extensively my intention to follow him to his new party and he expressed deep happiness.

“And still on May 11, 2022, I again met him- because since our last meeting, we were not able to meet, and I reminded him of a proposal I submitted to him during our last meeting.

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“The proposal contained the list of my supporters seeking different elective offices, and when I reminded him about it, he said he was aware of it and definitely something would be done.

“Similarly, on May 16, 2022, Kwankwaso came to my house at about 9.00pm and we still discussed extensively the same issues. He even called four people, including Abba Kabir Yusuf who was made the chairman, Kawu Sumaila and Alhassan Rurum  and presented them to me as those to make the list of contestants.

“During the meeting prior to my decamping, Kwankwaso came with my senatorial form alone, telling me I was the first to receive it and I asked him the ones for my supporters he said it would be done.

“Since then, Kwankwaso kept deceiving me and only for him, to later say we are late for my supporters to be on the list, and there was nothing he could do,” Shekarau said.

‘’So you can see that for over three months, the committee set up could not do anything about attending to our proposal .’’

“I will never be a party to injustice. My integrity is utmost and not any political position that will make me compromise it and that of my people. Nobody will use position or money against my integrity.

“I am a man of honour and integrity but his governorship candidate (Abba Yusuf) who was given the responsibility to look at areas to accommodate my people into various elective positions never for one single day do so or even call for meeting let alone accepting my supporters to contest.

“Nobody will use money to change my conscience. I was a governor for eight years in Kano and people believed in my integrity.

“I am still living in a rented house in Abuja and never allocated a single plot of land to myself when I served as Governor in Kano and I challenge anyone who knows my plot of land to expose it.”

The former governor lamented that with all these and many more deceits, he has no place in NNPP, saying his idea of politics is to always go with his supporters, adding that any attempt to throw them away would be vehemently rejected.

He urged his supporters to exercise patient as the report submitted by the Shura Council, his highest political decision making body, is been study and would come out soonest with a final move.

Shekarau confirmed that many other political parties are already discussing with him and his members.

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