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Is President Buhari a liberator or mistaken messiah? Adamu Aminu

The level of ravaging insecurity and poverty rate among the overwhelming majority of ordinary Nigerians had pushed them to the wall of impatience.

The unfolding situation in our beloved nation – Nigeria, is daily creeping up to the precipice of nowhere, where seeking divine intervention and mind purification to attract God’s forgiveness is the only last resort.

The ravaging insecurity particularly in the north as a result of banditry, kidnapping for ransom and insurgencies are increasing the numbers with those retiring to bed, unable to sleep with two eyes open in fear of potential attacks.

While a larger percentage of ordinary Nigerians are living day and night with rumbling stomachs due to hunger are increasingly spiraling up to the indices of alarming proportion.

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The situation has even gotten to the edge of the nation’s capital wasn’t spared from experiencing the catastrophic dimensions resulting from the nowhere-in-sight solutions.

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All these are occurring under the leadership of President Muhammadu Buhari whose key promises range from curbing insecurity, corruption, and economic revival, to the major preferences he pledged to Nigerians during his electioneering campaign.

To the topmost disappointment, this is happening under the watchful eyes of a leader, an army general turns democrats, a nation’s redeemer whom all had been hoping for to come and salvage the country from its trying situations.

Unfortunately, the sanctity of life has waned to its lowest level of dignity, particularly in the bandits-riddles areas, whereby traveling within that axis and almost many parts of Nigeria have been a matter of life and death.

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Insecurity and growing poverty have become a Siamese twin, holding the nation by the jugular.

Candidly speaking, President Buhari is a free-corrupt leader, who is spotlessly clean in terms of not siphoning from public coffers for self-enrichment, records have testified to that, encircled by voracious subordinates and land-grabbers who amassed fortune without trading for merchandise.

But, at the moment, President Buhari isn’t a bold, fearless, and daring spirit of exerting influence as he was known during his past military rule.

He’s said to be a timid, scarecrow, and seemingly a figurehead leader controlled by others, which allows everything to go astray as they are.

As part of his timidity that enables impunity among those entrusted with surmounting the insecurity, is shrugging unchecked the billions of Naira budgetary allocation earmarked from 2015 – 2022, and other sundry issues.

And still, though, the embers of insecurity, yet untamed, continuously smoldering across the nation.

Yet the time isn’t late for Nigerians to seek Allah’s interventions for the multitude of challenges.

Nigerians are hoping and looking forward to a miracle that will solve the dilemmas in leftover months, which couldn’t be achieved in the last seven years.

At last, Nigerians will brand President Muhammadu Buhari as the nation’s liberator or a mistaken Messiah.

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