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Jonathan’s ex-aide, Abati, slams Tinubu children for hanging around presidential villa like ‘jobless invalids’

Former aide to ex-president Goodluck Jonathan, Rueben Abati, has slammed the sons of President Bola Tinubu, Seyi Tinubu and Yinka Tinubu, for hanging around the presidential villa like ‘’jobless invalids.’’

Abati said this on Wednesday, during Arise TV’s ‘The Morning Show’. He admonished them to do something concrete with their lives at their age and stop being dependent on their father because he occupies the nation’s number one seat.

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“May we begin to ask, what do the president’s children do for a living? I don’t know specifically how old they are but looking at them, by the time I was their age, I was doing something concrete with my life. I got a PhD at 24. I wasn’t depending on any father. 

“People must get to a stage in their lives when they will hold themselves together, I don’t want adults behaving like invalids hanging around just because your father is in a position. All these children of privilege sometimes overdo it, and these are boys that would probably have wives at home. Some of these girls, what they go through is very embarrassing. You can’t have a husband that’s just hanging around, that cannot stand on his two feet as men.’’

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Abati’s statement comes after the President’s sons along with other dignitaries recently followed the President on an official trip to Qatar.

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