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Journalist petitions DSS over attempted assassination in Kano

A broadcast journalist, Nasiru Salisu Zango has petitioned the director, Department of State Service, DSS, in Kano over attempted assassination and threat to his life by some political thugs allegedly sponsored by All Progressives Congress (APC) in the state.

Besides, Zango, who is Manager News and Current Affairs, Freedom radio, revealed how he narrowly escaped deadly attack unleased on him at the campaign office of All Progressives Congress (APC) along Club Road in Kano, in the cause of an official assignment, on Tuesday.

In a petition signed by Barr. Badamasi Sulaiman Gandu, Zango’s legal adviser, the petitioner narrated that he was at a press briefing organized by APC alongside other journalists when some thugs attempted to kill him for no known reason.

” On the 21st day of March 2023, Zango being a well-known professional journalist from a well-established reputable radio station ‘Freedom Radio’ was invited by APC officials for press briefing. The invitation was honored and out client attended same at APC Gawuna and Garo campaign organization office situated at Club Road, Kano.

” Upon reaching the said venue by our client, Zango commenced his official duty, he then heard some thugs saying Zango should be killed. At that moment Zango became uncomfortable though minded his business, after which he and a reporter from BBC, Zaharaddeen followed the APC legal adviser for interview, but Zango deliberately stayed behind because he already heard what they are saying against him.

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“Eventually, I saw when Zaharaddeen was attacked by the thugs, then Zango quickly ran back into the conference hall and talk to the APC officials whom among them is Gawuna’s associate who talked to the thugs twice, but the thugs do not listen but insisted to execute their ill motive plan.

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“Later KAROTA, Managing Director, Baffa Babba DanAgundi also attempted to escort Zango, but they insisted DanAgundi should ignore him. From there DanAgundi left Zango he went out but never returned. Eventually, the police came to the rescue and drove Zango out of the dead zone. After the narrow escape Zango was informed by two of his colleagues who heard the thugs saying they will track and kill Zango.

” Our client remain in imminent fear, hence this petition. Predicated upon the above, we urge you with all sense of respect to treat our petition in swiftness for the interest of justice, peace and progress of Kano state as well as interest of common man in Kano who are benefited from our clients”.

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