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Kano 2023:Why (Dr.) Sha’aban Ibrahim Sharada?-Daha Tijjani

By Dr. Daha Tijjani

Sha’aban is the 8th month in the Islamic Hijri calendar. It holds a special significance and is known for its blessings. And, as we look for a leader to guide our state in 2023, we couldn’t have found a more fitting candidate than Shaaban Ibrahim Sharada. And, to tap into the blessings of this revered month, here are 8 reasons why he should be the next governor of Kano State.

  1. Sha’aban has absolute confidence in God, not Godfathers. He relies on his abilities and faith in God rather than influential individuals’ support or endorsement.
  1. He has experience as a seasoned journalist and parliamentarian, giving him the knowledge and experience necessary to effectively govern.
  1. He has a wealth of qualifications and certifications, making him highly qualified for the position.
  1. He has brought youthful vision and vitality to leadership roles in the past, making him an excellent choice to bring fresh ideas and energy to the position.
  1. He has empowered thousands through job creation and opportunities, showing his ability to improve the economy and the lives of citizens.
  1. He has significantly impacted the healthcare sector, proving his ability to effect positive change in this crucial area.
  1. Shaaban has invested, sponsored, and facilitated skills development training for young people, showing his commitment to investing in the development and education of the next generation.
  1. He has prioritized the spiritual growth and development of Quranic schools, demonstrating his commitment to the religious and cultural values of the community.

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With his strong qualifications, experience, and commitment to the well-being of the people, Shaaban Ibrahim Sharada is the ideal candidate for the position of governor of Kano State in 2023.

Tijjani is a public affairs commentator .

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