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Kano declares emergency on education, engages 10,000 teachers

Kano State Governor, Alhaji Abba Kabir Yusuf, has declared a state of emergency on the state’s education sector.

The Governor, speaking at an event in Kano on Saturday, highlighted the critical state of education, emphasizing the risk it poses to the future of Kano’s children without significant improvement.

SolaceBase reports that Governor Yusuf expressed deep concern and acknowledged the responsibility to improve the situation.

 He revealed a concerning number of out-of-school children – a staggering 989,234.

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“The situation within schools is also dire, with a lack of basic resources. Over 4.7 million students lack proper seating, forced to learn on the floor. Additionally, roughly 400 schools have only one teacher for all subjects.”

Governor Yusuf placed blame on the previous administration for eight years of neglect.

This neglect, he argued, resulted in dilapidated infrastructure, a shortage of qualified teachers, and inadequate training programs.

The Governor called for a united effort to address them. He acknowledged the vast network of schools, encompassing 7,057 primary schools and 49 science and technical schools.

Governor Yusuf revealed the shocking condition of many classrooms. In primary and junior secondary schools, a mere 22% meet basic standards.

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“The situation worsens in senior secondary schools, where less than 30% are considered usable. Science and technical schools, vital for fostering innovation, are in the most critical state, with less than 20% of classrooms meeting basic requirements.”

While acknowledging past neglect, Governor Yusuf emphasized moving forward with solutions.

“I avoided solely blaming the previous administration, instead focusing on the collective effort needed to rebuild Kano’s educational infrastructure.”

The Governor also announced the permanent employment of 5,636 individuals currently enrolled in the Better Education Service Delivery for All (BESDA) program. These positions will come with full pension benefits.

As part of the emergency action, the governor approved the hiring of an additional 10,000 teachers, adding that teachers will enjoy periodic training and retraining so as to achieve the vision of making “every teacher, a caring educator”.

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“At least 1,000 Academic and non-academic staff will be employed into tertiary institutions,” he said.

In a remark, former Governor Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso commended Abba Kabir Yusuf’s dedication to education despite legal challenges.

He drew parallels with his own experience handling crisis during his second term.

Kwankwaso praised Governor Yusuf’s commitment to improving educational infrastructure, teaching materials, and teacher recruitment.

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He commended a group of recently screened teachers and encouraged them to accept postings in rural areas.

Kwankwaso also reflected on his past achievements in education, highlighting increased access to primary and secondary schools. He expressed confidence that Governor Yusuf’s state of emergency and focus on budgetary allocation will significantly improve educational outcomes in Kano.


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