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Kano Govt: A rendezvous with reckless and executive rascality-Bala Ibrahim

If care is not taken, the present leadership of Kano State, may go down in history as the most reckless and probably the one to squander the state’s resources the most, in paying damages to people, as a consequence of the executive rascality of those in power.

A Federal High Court in Kano, has today awarded the dethroned Emir of Kano, Alhaji Aminu Ado Bayero, N10 million naira, for the breach of his fundamental rights, personal liberty, and freedom of movement. The ruling came pursuant to the executive rascality of Kano State Governor, H.E. Abba Kabiru Yusuf, who gave directives to the police for the arrest of the deposed Emir without lawful justification.

This is not the first time the Governor is acting with such discourtesy, he had done so in the past, and like what happened today, it also came to the state at a cost. I don’t know the exact position of things as of today, but according to reports, the state Government had agreed to pay N3 billion as compensation to incorporated trustees of the Masallacin Eid and Traders Association, over the demolition of shops in the state.

The full story is that, the government and the traders’ association reached a consensus, through an application of settlement dated December 12 and filed on December 13. Reports have it that the counsels to the parties reached an agreement before the Judge.

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It may be recalled that, earlier this year, shortly after he assumed office, without the constitution of an executive council, Governor Abba Yusuf unilaterally ordered the demolition of many buildings, which according to him, were believed to have been constructed wrongly, or on government properties. Amongst the buildings demolished was the Government House entrance roundabout.

Also brought down, was a three-storey building with 90 shops situated at Nasarawa GRA and shops built around Kofar Mata. Many residents of the city had earlier protested against the government’s action but the His Excellency refused to listen, saying the debris from the demolition would be used to rehabilitate some areas.

In the end, the matter went to court, and after listening to all the parties in September, Justice Samuel Amobeda, the presiding judge, asked the Kano government to pay compensation of N30 billion, as against the N250 billion demanded by the traders. The two sides, however, were said to have settled out of court, wherein the Government agreed to pay N3b, being the cost of recklessness.

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 Not long ago, at the onset of the Emir ship tuzzle that earned the Government today’s fine, the State Deputy Governor, comrade  Aminu Gwarzo, was forced to apologize to the National Security Adviser, Mallam Nuhu Ribadu, over allegation he made against him, that he was involved in the return of the dethroned Emir Aminu Ado Bayero to Kano. Gwarzo alleged that Ribadu said:

“The former Governor, Abdullahi Umar Ganduje, is not happy with the peace and understanding being enjoyed in Kano and is using the office of the National Security Adviser to deploy security personnel to subvert the will of Kano people and to bring something the people don’t like.

Mallam Nuhu did not take the accusation lightly. He threatened to sue the Deputy Governor if he does not withdraw the allegation and tender conspicuous apology. In what was seen as an open embarrassment and evident humiliation, Gwarzo swallowed his pride, withdrew his words and tendered an open apology. That is another price paid for executive rascality and avoidable recklessness. Had he not apologized, the state might earn itself an avoidable fine, like the one today.

Leadership is meant to be a responsible way of championing a course, where the leaders are expected to provide direction and vision, motivate and inspire others, and help create an environment conducive to success, by promoting collaboration. In short, leadership and strong management are essential for any organization or government that wants to achieve its objectives.

And there is no organization or government that makes rascality as a goal or means of achieving its objectives. Why then should Kano, Nigeria’s oldest commercial centre and the all-agreed politically polished state, be a subject of ridicule, because of the regular rascality of its executives? Why? why?

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Since the return of Nigeria to democratic rule in 1999, many absurdities have been permitted to happen, but they hinge mostly on corruption and the shameless ways of aggrandisement. Executive rascality is now becoming an addendum, at least in Kano, to the list of Nigeria’s leaders’ crimes, and the country needs to frown and stand against it. People in power, who wake up to see themselves surrounded by the posh paraphernalia of office, along with the unimaginable backing of security operatives, often become drunk, as a consequence of which, they act arrogantly and irrationally.

No doubt today’s decision of fining the Government would go to appeal, but whatever may be the outcome, state resources would be additionally wasted, and the name of the state would continue to feature in a manner that is suggestive of its leaders, having a rendezvous with recklessness and executive rascality.

Ibrahim, a media advisor writes from Abuja


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