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Kano hisbah denies LGBTQ support, reaffirms stance against same-sex marriage

The Kano State Hisbah Corps has addressed a social media post linking the security operatives to LGBTQ support, clarifying that it does not support same-sex marriage.

The Commander General of the Hisbah Board, Sheikh Aminu Ibrahim Daurawa, spoke to the media in Kano on Monday.

It is worth recalling that a widely circulated video featured a man claiming to be a Hisbah official defending LGBTQ rights.

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Daurawa stated that although Hisbah confirmed the person in the video is their staff member, he attended the workshop independently and did not represent the organization as claimed. 

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Sheikh Daurawa mentioned that Hisbah has frequently clashed with gay clubs, known locally as ‘Yan daudu,’ in the state.

“Everyone is aware of our efforts against Yan daudu. We have raided and shut down events associated with gay individuals in the state,” he said.

Daurawa emphasised that Hisbah would continue to confront any organization or individual promoting LGBTQ activities in the state, advising them to leave Kano as they have no place there.

“We know that some NGOs in the state promote the LGBTQ movement. We will not allow them to continue their activities,” he said.

Daurawa also stated that the Hisbah official in the video would face disciplinary action for his alleged misconduct.

“We have referred this case to our disciplinary unit, and I am confident they will handle it appropriately,” he said.

He urged the public to be vigilant regarding the activities of LGBTQ members, who are spreading and luring youths into their clubs across the state.

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The Hisbah official in question, Idris Ahmed, claimed ignorance of the meaning of LGBTQ and apologized to the Hisbah Board.

“Honestly, I believed this organization was focused on empowering women. I attended their workshops several times without knowing their actual agenda. In fact, I didn’t know what LGBTQ stood for. I apologize to Hisbah for my actions,” he said.

State Governor Abba Kabir Yusuf has directed Hisbah to take action against organisations promoting LGBTQ activities under the guise of addressing gender inequality.


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