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Late Ummita, love affair with Chinese grim reaper- Adamu Aminu

Kano residents woke up this morning with the troubling news that wreak havoc in the minds of the populace and beyond over the killing of a lady who goes by the name Ummita, who was stabbed by her jilted lover, a 47-year-old Chinese national, Geng Quandong.

The gruesome, knife-stabbing of Ummu Khulthum Sani who was called by the homestead name Ummita, killed by her jilted erstwhile lover, resulted in a sudden sojourn to her early grave.

Social media handles were awash with the pictures of late Ummita – depicting her pleasant facial features, tip-tilted nose, and dimples, beaming smiles, with a pink headscarf, a black turtle-neck sweater, wearing a gold-like earrings and necklace, her face seemingly emptied her minds reflection of a promising future for her humble self, unknowingly that she was even closer to the human grim reaper who will end her life within a second split stabbing.

May her soul rest in perfect peace.

Reports have it that, the late Ummita grew bored to forge ahead with her jilted heartthrob after benefitting huge fortunes from the Chinese national.


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The situation reportedly had gotten to the extent whereby the late Ummita barricaded Geng Quanrong from knowing or getting access to her abode, and this prompted him vowing to know her where she was by whatever means necessary, which at last he succeeded, in committing this heinous crime.

Since Ummita is no more, and the alleged Chinese murderer is under the custody of the Kano police officers, no need to overstep the bound in making further comments about this case of the killing of Ummita.

But the focus and contextual target of this piece is a wake-up call for all and sundry that, as proverbially said, that there is no greatest calamity than a lavish desire.

To cap it all, for every square peg to live in peace, must look for the suited, compatible peg to lead a harmonious living.

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