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Music mogul, Diddy sued for alleged sex trafficking

Sean “Diddy” is facing allegations in a new lawsuit filed by former porn star Adria English.

English claims the music mogul coerced her into sex trafficking at his famous parties and threatened to blackball her and her model boyfriend if she didn’t comply.

English, known by her stage name Omunique, met Diddy around 2004 when her boyfriend auditioned for a Sean John modeling gig.

She alleges that during the audition, Diddy demanded her boyfriend and another model perform oral sex on him to secure the job.

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Her boyfriend refused but was later offered the job on the condition that English work as a “go-go dancer” at Sean’s white party in the Hamptons.

English and her boyfriend agreed, and she worked the Labor Day weekend 2004 party. She claims she was required to drink alcohol laced with narcotics like ecstasy and was encouraged to flirt with guests.

Although she initially did not have sex with guests, English alleges that Diddy gradually “groomed” her for sex trafficking.

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The lawsuit details an incident where Diddy allegedly demanded that English have sex with jeweler Jacob Arabov, known as “Jacob the Jeweler” in the hip-hop community.

After the encounter, she claims she was paid an additional $1,000 and congratulated by Diddy for complying.

English also claims she was “passed off” to other individuals at Sean’s parties, where she was repeatedly sexually assaulted.


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