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NGO sensitizes students on cyber security, online safety in Kano

A nongovernmental organization (NGO) Smartclicks Tech-wellness Advocates Network has sensitized students from various schools on cyber security and online safety in Kano state.

Speaking at the event on Thursday, the strategic partner for Smartclicks Tech-wellness Advocates Network, Zulaihat Idris Adeleye, said the aim of the sensitization was to promote digital wellness and safety among young people and adults by encouraging positive use of technology.

Ms. Idriss said that there was a need to raise awareness among young people and adults on the opportunities in technology for them to earn legal income, and she urged them to distance themselves from the abuse of technology.

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According to her, Smartclicks Tech-wellness Advocates Network is a social enterprise committed to the promotion of digital wellness and safety among young people and adults by encouraging the positive use of technology using awareness campaigns, seminars, public presentations, and educational innovations to create relatable materials that teach digital opportunities and safety.

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“What we are doing today is cyber security awareness month. We are doing a school mix-up, where we brought together three schools in Kano that applied to participate in the program because we sent them application forms and interested schools applied. And among the applicants, only three schools are successful, and each school has ten student representatives.”

“So today they came with their students. As you can see, we sensitized them on legitimate careers in cyber security. They don’t have to be yahoo boys to earn money on the internet. They can be cyber engineers, IT auditors, and ethical cyber hackers. They can do amazing things and earn a good life.”

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“If the mission is about money, they can actually work legitimately on digital platforms and earn money. This is the basis we are telling them that yes, technology has come with opportunities. Why can’t they use the right ones that will not haunt them?”

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“We also educated the teachers’ community so that they can also go and share this message among those that were not able to come and participate. And we actually acknowledged those that participated well, and schools that came with best practices with our products, because we are also creating products that will make this awareness go deep. We have books and games where they can practice what we tell them every day.”

On his part, the keynote speaker, Malam Nura Isa Waziri, who made a presentation on careers in cyber security, said there was a need for young people to know much about cyber security because presently all our lives revolve around the cyber world.

“If you have to teach a child how to walk and how to talk, you have to teach that particular child how to protect himself or herself from internet attacks and so on.”

“They need to know the basics of computing and networking. They need to know the basic things in computing in most of the elements of computing: networking, programming, database and so many more.”

“Computer literacy is what sells in the market. Cybersecurity education is an aspect of learning that concentrates on cybersecurity and online safety. It serves as a reminder for individuals, businesses, and organizations to prioritize their digital security.”

Muhammadu Mansur Shuaib from Bin Sharif Science Academy, one of the participants appreciated Smartclicks for organizing the event.

 “I am very happy to be one of the participants, and I learned so many things like how to protect myself from hackers and other things that will make positive changes in my life.”

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Miss Valentine from El-Litinin College said she learned a lot and she would make use of the knowledge acquired during the session.

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