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Ogun students lament importation of China-made Adire

The National Association of Ogun State Students has called on the Federal Government to take an urgent move against the importation of imitated adire fabric from China.

The National President of NAOSS, Kehinde Thomas, who made the call at a press conference in Abeokuta, said it is disheartening to find out that some economic saboteurs are working to kill this local industry by importing inferior Adire fabric into the country from China.

Adire (tye and dye) is a locally produced fabric from Abeokuta, Ogun state capital providing jobs for thousands of people.

The popular Adire Market, Itoku which is the traditional headquarters of makers of this fabric, has also been designated as a tourist attraction, where visitors, both local and international throng to purchase this ancient but unique fabric.

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The students group said the Federal Government should act now and arrest the ugly situation so as not to create another disheartening scenario where a whopping $600m is being spent annually to import palm oil into the country

Thomas said, “We view this as a deliberate attempt not only to squeeze life out of our local economy but, a step to throw thousands of people out of jobs. Apart from that, if this evil act is not halted by federal government through relevant authorities, local enterprises and entrepreneurship will be discouraged.

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“And if this happens, it will further push our ailing economy to the precipice. The country is still smarting from the huge gash left on its economy by the exit of some multinational companies from Nigeria. NAOSS, as the umbrella body of Ogun State students, condemns this economic sabotage in strong terms.”

The students’ body said the huge loss of foreign exchange earnings by importing Adire that are being manufactured locally can better be imagined.

“Every people have crafts, fabric, music and other cultural values held in high esteem, Adire is synonymous to the Egba people of Ogun State and should be jealously protected,” it added.

The students’ body explained that the importation of Adire from China, if not checked, will erode the quality Itoku Adire is globally noted for, and that encouraging importing the imitation of locally made fabric will no doubt ruin the cultural heritage and business that has been run for generations.

Thomas said, “To this end, we want to call on the Federal Government to move against the importers of Chinese Adire into the country, by imposing stringent sanctions on them.

“Also, more measures should be put in place to protect local makers of Adire as well as giving incentives to them, with the view to promoting local content development.

“Adire is the fabric of national identity, hence, efforts must be geared towards preserving it by the government. Adire must not be allowed to go the way of palm oil – a situation where we spend humongous millions of dollars to import what have locally in abundance.”

The group also called on the National Orientation Agency to intensify awareness campaigns to educate Nigerians on the importance of buying and wearing locally made Adire and jettison adulterated or imitated one from China

Recall that Former President Olusegun Obasanjo had urged the Federal Government to ban the importation of Chinese adire into the country, to save the local market of adire fabrics from imminent “bastardisation” by the Chinese.

Obasanjo pleaded with the government to use all of its resources to safeguard the locally made adire from Chinese imports, as well as everything else that is locally produced in the country.


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