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Sasakawa Africa trains farmers on agricultural extension services in Gombe

By Usman Muhammad

In a bid to improve agricultural activities and educate farmers on new techniques to facilitate agricultural practices in the African region, the Sasakawa Africa Association (SAA) has trained farmers’ organizations in modern agricultural techniques to achieve food security and develop the economy.

SOLACEBASE reports that the association, which is famous for supporting farmers over the years, have trained selected farmers from Billiri, Kaltungo, Shongom and Yamaltu Deba Local Government Areas of Gombe state, on extension services on new techniques of farming.

Speaking during a Media Field Trip in Gombe State, acting Country Director of Sasakawa, Dr Gambo Abdulhamid, said the association established 34 years ago has been operating in Nigeria for 32 years.

He said that in the last 24 years they are operating in Gombe state, they have supported thousands of farmers with seeds, fertilizers, and other farm inputs, which significantly improve their farming activities.

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Dr Abdulhamid revealed that SAA has set up 148 Community Demonstration Plot (CDP) in nine local government areas of the state.

He said the CDP is designed to expose small holder farmers to modern faming skills and technologies to encourage food production.

According to him, farmers are recording high yields sequel to the adoption of new technologies in crop production.

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He said that modern farming techniques enabled farmers to increase yield per hectre by three-fold compared to the traditional methods.

“The adoption of new technologies will encourage productivity, reduce hunger and achieve food security in the country. Farmers visiting the demonstration farms have shown interest in adopting the new farming method,” Dr Abdulhamid said.

He observed that effective utilisation of agricultural potentials in the country through application of new technologies would cut food importation and promote export of agricultural produce.

During the four-day Media Field Trip to the farmers, Sasakawa Africa Association, met with different farmers’ groups, to get first-hand information on the impact of the project.

Speaking with newsmen, head of Amtawalam Farmers Union in Billiri LGA, Mr Kefas Lamuda said they have learnt new knowledge of how to put seedlings in their farms to get good yields during harvesting.

He also requested for more support on agricultural machines, to ease the difficulties during cultivation.

SOLACEBASE reports that the Sasakawa Field Trip covered Lareka, Lalaipido, Ture Akwaldi, Ladur, Diga and Dadin-Kowa communities in Billiri, Kaltungo, Shongom and Yamaltu/Deba LGAs.

During the visit to each of the LGAs, all the beneficiary farmers showcased the harvested crops they farmed and displayed some of the processed food from the respective crops.

They expressed gratitude to Sasakawa Africa Association for the enormous benefit they received from the training, which they said has contributed immensely in solving malnutirition and financial problems in their households.

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