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SolaceBase Data: How Northcentral states received N114.4 bn LG allocation in three months

By Aminu Abubakar

SolaceBase data review has shown that six north central states received the sum of N114.4 billion as local government allocation in a three month period (December 2023 to February 2024).

While Niger state got the highest sum of N24.5 billion, Nasarawa received the lowest with N12.8 billion naira.

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Other states such as Kogi got N20.2 billion, Benue N23.7 billion, Kwara N15.2 billion and Plateau N18 billion.

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These receipts come at a time where there are concerns on the management of local government funds by states.

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The proper management of local government funds can help tackle out-of-school children in Northcentral Nigeria states, most of whom are in the rural areas.

The proper management of the fund can also be pivotal to developmental projects that will lift north central Nigeria’s poor people who are mostly in the rural areas out of poverty.

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The Value of the Local Government Funds Received by North Central States

In the first quarter of 2024, Kwara state spent N28 million on the provision of electricity, N2 billion on provision of infrastructure, N1 billion on rehabilitation and repairs of hospitals/health centres, N6.5 billion on infrastructure repairs.

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These expenditures can be covered by what Kwara state received in the same three-month period, with the sum of N5.7 billion to be left after the deductions to cover the needs.

The money received by Kogi state in three months is thirteen times the N1.5 billion budgeted for the construction/provision of water facilities for the whole of the 2024 fiscal year.

It is also 100 times the state’s budget (N200 million) for rehabilitation and repairs of water facilities for the whole of 2024.

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The Niger state receipt for local government in three months can also cover the full-year budgeted expenditure of the homeland security ministry (N3.3 billion), Ministry of Transport (N13 billion ), Ministry of Power and renewable energy (N4.2 billion) full year expenditure.

After deducting all these expenditures, the state will have over N4 billion left.

There have been calls for accountability in the management of local government funds, as a key tool for development.

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