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Swipha recalls drug from market, silent on reason

A major pharmaceutical company based in Lagos, SWISS Pharma Nigeria Limited (Swipha), has recalled all batches of Polyfort Suspension from the market due to a ‘negative trend.’

Polyfort Suspension is an antacid drug used for the treatment of heartburn and symptoms associated with dyspepsia and indigestion.

The company, in a statement signed by Superintendent Pharmacist/BDD Abbas Sambo, on Wednesday, May 3, announced that distribution of the drug has been stopped while all the products available in pharmacy shops are to be returned.

According to the pharmaceutical company, the development, is on account of a result of ongoing stability studies on batches LS222072, L.S222073, and LS222074 showing a negative trend.

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However, Swipha did not provide specific details on the adverse effects the drug could have on the public.

The statement read: “Kindly be informed that we are initiating an immediate recall for all batches of Polyfort Suspension in stock.

“This is on account of the result of on-going stability studies on batches LS222072, L.S222073, and LS222074 showing a negative trend. We are currently carrying out further investigation on other batches, however, as we are mandated to inform you within 24 – 48 hours, we are unable to wait for the outcome of this investigation hence the decision to recall all batches of Polyfort in your custody.

“Further sales of Polyfort Suspension in your custody should be stopped, and inventory segregated immediately.”

The statement added: “Also contact customers to whom you sold Polyfort Suspension to return them back to you. All Polyfort stock (your stock and that of your customer) should be handed over to the Swipha Medical or Sales Representatives assigned to you.”

The company also said it will refund the marketers upon retrieval of the drugs.

“We expect that all the packs of the concerned product are made ready for retrieval by the 5′ of May 2023 and a corresponding credit note will be issued (covering your stock and that of your customer). The field force will inform you of developments as they evolve.”

The ICIR contacted the company on Wednesday, May 3, to find out the adverse effects of the recalled drug on users. A woman who simply identified herself as Ifedola picked the call and acknowledged that the drug has been recalled from the market, noting that the specific reasons behind the development was withheld to prevent panic among members of the public.

Upon further inquiry, she redirected the call to the company product manager, who declined to speak to The ICIR reporter.

The ICIR was asked to call back on Thursday, May 4. However, when this platform attempted to do so, the designated company phone contact was switched off.

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