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What you need to know about Balogun Alanamu


Balogun Alanamu is one the cabinet members of the Ilorin Emirate Council and a king-maker, in Kwara State.

Solacebase reports that Ilorin Emirate Council has four Balogun that include, Alanamu, Ajikobi, Fulani and Gambari.

They are also referred to as war-lords that fought several wars over hundreds of years ago to protect and sustain the dignity and integrity of the Ilorin Emirate with other traditional title holders.

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The title of Balogun Alanamu has being in existence since 1836, when the first Balogun, Yusuf was installed by Emir of Ilorin, Shitta.

The Balogun Alanamu has had 12 occupants of the stool that include.

  1. Yusuf  1836-1859
  2. Muhammad Alao 1859-1862
  3. Garuba   1863-1875
  4. Ali Inakoju 1875-1910
  5. Gbadamosi 1910-1915
  6.  Muhammad Adedigba 1915-1920
  7. Mamudu 1920-1947
  8.  Bello Belko 1947- 1984
  9. Sa’adu Alanamu 1984- 1996
  10. Shuaib Adio 1996- 2005
  11. Abubakar Akanbi Jos 2005- 2021
  12. Abubakar Usman Jos 2022- Date
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