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When mercurial member meets prolific gov, good things happen!-Bashir Suwaid


Governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje’s tremendous achievements in office have placed the state among the best states in Nigeria. His footprints are boldly and clearly evident in roads, education, health, rural development and human capital development.

His leadership style has brought unprecedented socio-economic development to Kano State such as never before.

A governor that promised and delivered the completion of all the uncompleted projects of the previous administrations and also shows remarkable good relationship with the people of Kano state. He attends public events and relates with everyone fantastically well.

The administration has been up and doing in giving out counterpart funding to Universal Basic Education Commission (UBEC) from 2015 to date even before the free and compulsory education for primary and secondary schools started which includes the giving out of N1.5billion yearly as part of the contribution to UBEC and the federal government gives the other half of N1.5 Billion, making N3 Billion annually. All upkeep for the schools are paid without any delay so that the Free and Compulsory Education policy can succeed.

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The Mercurial IQ of comrade Hafiz Kawu, the member House of Representatives Tarauni federal constituency combined with the prolific political acumen & the Peoples’ own, Governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje brought some mega project to the people of Kano.

Their penchant for innovation and the human-oriented practical project keeps springing up across the state. They work together in addressing the main concerns and ensuring adequate provision of all the necessary needs to improve the living standard at all nooks and crannies of the state

Comrade Hafiz Kawu’s quest to follow the footsteps and policies of Governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje has made him achieved a lot, most importantly in areas like health and Education where he renovates and provides equipment in hospitals, revamps the dilapidated schools in his constituency for the students to have a good access to free education in a conducive atmosphere.

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Enrollment of youths into computer school in other to have ICT knowledge which each one was given a brand new laptop on their last day of training. Others were also enrolled in different areas like CCTV installation programs, plumbing and electrical wirings.

Giving full scholarships to students who wish to study in BUK and also the enrollment of over 40 students in the Federal College of Agricultural produce & technology, FCAPT, situated at Hotoro. Students at Tarauni are being sponsored to write their JAMB, WAEC/NECO every year with a free extra lesson being arranged for the candidates who wish to partake in the examinations which after taking the classes, the candidates are sure to better at all the subjects treated, hence ace all the questions that may come from it.

Gov Ganduje’s idea and forecast in terms of infrastructural development brought about the 9billion naira Muhammadu Buhari fly over as a decongestion measure to ease the traffic build up alongside the corridor and the Bye pass. One of the best in West Africa. Indeed all the members of the house of representatives from Kano especially Hon Hafiz Kawu lauded this gigantic project, initiated, propagated and it is soon to be implemented.

Also on the part of Comrade Hafiz Kawu’s legislative activities in the house, he sponsored two bills and ensured the effective and efficient implementation of the policies and programs, in collaboration with the state governor, Dr Abdullahi Umar Ganduje aimed at the delivery of integrated services in Kano State.

One of which is the need for a federal university of agriculture in the state and a federal medical center at Ganduje Dawakin Tofa, Which brings a healthy society for sustainable developments in Kano State.

Less I forget, the efforts of governor Ganduje in curtailing the pandemic of COVID-19 is beyond comparison.

In conclusion, comrade Hafiz Kawu is a good asset to the state and the Nation as a whole for following in the footsteps of the political mentors & superiors like President Muhammadu Buhari, Professor Osinbajo and Dr Abdullahi Umar Ganduje. Beyond a doubt, Hafiz Kawu is the most qualified person to run for political positions ceaselessly.

Bashir Suwaid S.A Media to Hon. Hafiz Ibrahim Kawu, MHR Tarauni, Bashirsuwaid@gmail

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