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WikkiTimes Publisher, Haruna Mohammed arrested allegedly on order of Bauchi Governor

Haruna Salihu Mohammed, Publisher of WikkiTimes, a Bauchi-based investigative online newspaper in Bauchi State is being held at Criminal Investigation Department (CID), Bauchi Police Headquarters allegedly on order of the state governor, Bala Mohammed.

SOLACEBASE reports that Haruna was arrested earlier on Saturday at Duguri, the governor’s hometown in local council, where he was covering the election.

Before the arbitral arrest, Haruna was interviewing some women who were protesting that they submitted CVs but were not employed.

During the course of the interview, the women started protesting that they would not vote.

Soon, some hoodlums alleged to be supporters of the governor attempted to lynch him before the police whisked him away.

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The police had earlier explained that he was taken away for his own safety but refused to release until the governor gives order.

“He has spent more than 24 hours in detention and the police would not release him until the governor’s directive, Yakubu Mohammed, editor of the platform said.

“He was accused of sending the video of the women to opposition APC . However, the video was shared with me and the police had examined my phone as well after taking my statement ,” he added.

The police is yet to communicate anything meaningful to the press as they continued to hold him, depriving him of his civic duty and fundamental rights.


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