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Two Kano communities celebrate commissioning of solar powered boreholes, after 40 years without water

The joy of two communities, Danya and Kyallin Bula in Bichi local government area of Kano State, knows no bounds on Friday, with the provision of two solar-powered boreholes for the residents by the state government.

SolaceBase reports that the residents said for over 40 years, the two communities have existed without access to clean water as the major source of water for Danye community was a stream shared with animals, while Kyallin Bula community has about three local wells.

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The two solar-powered Boreholes provided by Kano- ACReSAL (Agro-Climatic Resilience in Semi-Arid Landscapes) project under the directive of the state Governor Abba Kabir Yusuf has 22,500 litres capacity each.

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Speaking at the commissioning of the two boreholes, Kano- ACReSAL Project Coordinator, Dr. Dahir M. Hashim said the completion of the two solar-powered boreholes was a dream come true for the communities.

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‘’Decades of water shortages have plagued numerous communities in Kano State, impacting the lives of countless residents. Recognizing the urgency of this matter, His Excellency instructed us to incorporate in our ongoing water project to provide sustainable solutions to this pressing challenge specifically for the Danya, Kyallin bula community, and many others facing similar problems,’’ Dr. Dahir Hashim said.

‘’Through the diligent efforts of our experts, particularly our dedicated team of engineers we initiated a comprehensive program to drill Solar Powered Boreholes across  identified communities with pressing water supply issues across the State.’’

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‘’The drilling of these two boreholes was spurred by a disturbing viral video of school-age children abandoning school to fetch water brought to the attention of the governor, Alhaji Abba Kabir Yusuf who immediately directed ACReSAL to visit the community and provide solar-powered boreholes for the communities.’’

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‘’Hence the commissioning of the Danya and Kyallin bula community water Supply marks a significant step in this direction and for the Kano State Government’s mission towards ensuring access to clean and safe drinking water for all. This achievement reveals the volume of the Government’s commitment to the well-being and prosperity of the people of Kano State.’’

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According to the Project Coordinator, Kano-ACReSAL is not only addressing immediate needs but also laying the foundation for a healthier and more sustainable future for the citizens of Kano state.

‘’At this juncture, I have to appreciate the role played by the media in bringing stories of urgent need of government intervention out. This is evident in how solution journalism is thriving in our community.’’

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Project Coordinator, Kano-ACReSAL, Dr. Dahir M. Hashim

An elder in Danye community, Ibrahim Abdullahi said the situation is like a dream to them.

‘’I am over forty years old and I have never witnessed this in our community. Since I was born, we mostly trek three to four kilometres to fetch water from a stream we share with animals, Abdullahi said.’’

‘’Or in the alternative, for those that can afford it buy a 25-litre jerry can of water for N150 from truck pushers.’’

Another resident, Inusa Yahaya prayed for the government for coming to their aid to address one of the major challenges facing the community.

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‘’We now believe that we have a government that responds to the needs of the people with the drilling of this borehole.’’

‘’We are assuring the government that we would take ownership of the borehole and protect it jealously from vandals because we know the kind of suffering we went through years back.’’

The situation in Kyallin Bula community was not different during the commissioning of the borehole with the residents beaming with smiles and appreciating the government and the team that worked on the project.

Danzabuwa Ward Councillor in Bichi local government area, Mudashir Malikawa Garu said words are not enough to appreciate the state government for the provision of the solar-powered borehole which has addressed one of the major challenges facing the community.

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Danzabuwa Ward Councillor in Bichi local government area, Mudashir Malikawa Garu

‘’Honestly, this is evidence of the dividend of democracy. Gov. Abba Kabir Yusuf has wiped our tears of lack of access to clean water that these communities lacked for decades in less than one month.’’

But you know like Oliver Twist, apart from the water challenge, another issue bothering the communities around here is the absence of healthcare centres and schools.

Among the communities in this ward are Danya, Kyallin Bula, Nasarawa, Takalmawa,

Muazu Alhaji, another elder in Kyallin Bula community noted that the drilling of the solar-powered borehole in the community is a prayer answered that has been on for decades.

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‘’Whenever I go to communities where residents access clean water easily, I mostly pray to God to provide same for our community as local  three local wells we have mostly at this dry season don’t have water, hence our children trek several kilometres to fetch water for us.’’

ACReSAL project is a collaboration with the World Bank, Federal Government, and 19 northern states including the FCT.

It is a multi-sectoral and multi-institutional scheme, covering Environment, Agriculture, and Water sectors.


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