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After over 40 years of water challenge, Gov. Yusuf orders immediate construction of boreholes in two Kano villages

The challenge of access to water by two villages, Danya and Kyallin-Bula in Bichi Local Government area of Kano State is expected to become history in the next 72 hours.

SOLACEBASE reports that one of the communities, Danya with about 1,000 residents has been without water for over 40 years, while Kyallin-Bula, another village with about 4,000 residents has some open wells already in existence.

The two villages’ situation got Alhaji Abba Kabir, Kano State Governor’s attention after watching a report on an online TV platform, that depicted the suffering of young school-age girls passing nights daily on queue to access water from a stream, after trekking a long distance, to fetch water in the villages.

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Speaking to journalists on Sunday at Danya village, Project Coordinator, Kano Agro Climatic Resilience in Semi-Arid Landscapes, ACReSAL, Dr Dahir M Hashim said the governor, disturbed with the scenario, forwarded the video clips to him very early on Sunday with a stern instruction to immediately address the situation with the construction of boreholes to the two communities.

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Dr. Dahir Hashim speaking to journalists on Sunday at Danya village, Bichi local government area, of Kano State.

ACReSAL project is a multi-sectoral and multi-institutional scheme, covering Environment, Agriculture and Water. 

It is a world bank project in collaboration with the Federal Government and 19 northern states including the FCT, to combat desertification, restore degraded lands, and special ecosystems for agriculture and biodiversity conservation.

Hashim said prior to this development, ACReSAL has provided boreholes for some communities in the state that include the Falgore agrarian community in Doguwa local government area and even the Kano zoological garden, among others.

‘’We immediately mobilized to the site, conducted a survey and started drilling in Danya and that of Kyallin-Bula will follow immediately,‘’ Hashim told reporters at the site.

‘’With the experts on site, we discovered that Danya village is a low-hilled town with very low level of underground water, nevertheless, we would do our best to ensure that the drilling is deep to get water for the usage of the inhabitants.’’

‘’You can all see that any moment from now, the drilling would reach water level for all other things to follow for the residents to access water conveniently.’’

“The water level in Danya village is 80 to 100 metres. Even for now, after drilling, we have got about 100 metres deep. But, based on the demand of the water, we will use all necessary tools to ensure that it comes up and reaches the desired level.

“We are completing it tonight and start the drilling in Kyallin-Bula. We will do our best to make sure we provide adequate water to the consumption of the inhabitants,” he assured.

‘’The arrangement we have put in place is for this community to have one solar-powered borehole with six taps which would be enough to cater for their need.

‘’However, we are appealing to the community to take ownership of the project immediately we complete the construction so that it should not be vandalised.’’

“For Kyallin-Bula, we found that there are some open wells already in existence. So, we are going to construct a borehole for them, a solar-powered also.

“At least we will provide a clean and portable water for the people. We will also protect their daughters from sexual harassment and hazards while going to fetch water.

According to the Project Coordinator, these are part of the campaign promises of the governor Abba Kabir Yusuf-led administration of responding promptly to the needs of the people.

Ibrahim Abdullahi who spoke to journalists, on behalf of the village head of Danya was overwhelmed with happiness.

‘’I think I am dreaming and somebody can wake me up as I never expected this,’’ Abdullahi said.’

‘’Since I was born about 50 years ago, we don’t have access to water in this community.’’

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‘’Our children trek almost 4 kilometres to fetch water from the stream that we share with animals.’’

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‘’A 20-litre gallon of water brought into the village goes for  between N120 and N150 for those that can afford it.’’

‘’I heard ”Megida” appealing to us to protect the borehole immediately after it is completed, honestly, we would do more than that considering the challenges we have been facing on water.

‘’ I am happy with the quick response of the governor to our plight, may almighty Allah guide him and protect him also.’’


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