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Abubakar-Nasiba Broken Marriage: You Can’t Marry Off Your Daughter While She’s Still My Wife- ‘Ex-husband’


By Mustapha Mustapha

Abubakar Musa Abubakar, the embattled ex-husband of Nasiba Sani Dauda, the daughter of Kaduna business mogul Alhaji Sani Dauda has spoken for the first time, over the crisis that has rocked his broken marriage.

Abubakar, who spoke through his lawyer Barrister Rilwanu Umar, on Thursday, debunked all allegations labelled against him by his former wife, Nasiba.

It could be recalled that Nasiba’s first marriage with Abubakar ended last year after she prayed a Sharia Court in Kaduna State to dissolve the marriage over alleged maltreatment.

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According to reports, the court then granted Nasiba’s prayer and terminated her marriage with the embattled Abubakar, where she eventually got married to a new husband, Abdullahi Kullama on Saturday.

It was gathered that in his ruling, the Sharia Court judge stated that the new marriage of Nasiba was conducted in line with Islamic laws and the Nigerian Constitution.

The judge also stated that Nasiba’s marriage with Abubakar ended since January 5, 2018, adding that there was no any existing order restraining her or her family from conducting a new marriage.

But, at the height of the crisis with her first husband, Nasiba publicly made some allegations against him which, according to her, was the reason why she sought for divorce in a court.

However, in a statement forwarded to this newspaper,  Abubakar’s lawyer said there is no iota of truth on all what Nasiba said against his client, describing her statements as misleading, false and contemptuous.

Barrister Umar, in the statement titled; setting the record straight said that it is necessary and compelling to place in proper perspectives, the true position of things and set the records straight.

According to him, a close confidant of the two warring parties (Abubakar and Nasiba) said that the circumstances that surrounded the marriage were not in any way the fault of his client, but rather due to some differences and with the active connivance of the wife’s family to illegally marry her to someone else without justification.

“It is important to state with all emphasis and unequivocally that the marriage was not dissolved and the case is on appeal in the court of competent jurisdiction.

“As a law-abiding citizen, it will be subjudice to discuss a case in court but it is important to state that from all evidence and indications, there is no grounds for the dissolution of the marriage. They have no right to remarry on top of an existing marriage,” the statement reads in parts.

The solicitor also explained that in fact, Abubakar only challenged the purported dissolution of the marriage on the grounds that, due process was not adhered to, in line with Islamic Injunction.

“Moreover, an Upper Sharia court was said to have quashed the ruling of the Lower Sharia court, exploited by Nasiba and one Auwalu Falalu to illegally dissolve the marriage.

“It will interest you to know that Nasiba and her coconspirator reportedly approached a court in Abuja, on 10th October 2019, on the same matter,” he said

He added that “contrary to Nasiba’s insinuation that her father was arrested on the orders of Abubakar, the truth was that they were actually arrested following a report by a group of people who were physically assaulted by the family, for challenging a plan to illegally remarry her to another person despite the on-going ligations.

“The allegations made by Nasiba are very appalling and totally unacceptable. Abubakar has never physically or emotionally assaulted her before and he has no intention of assaulting her in the future because it is not in his character and person.

He however stated that “on the contrary, the assault and the threat have been to his life and that of his friends which have been orchestrated by Nasiba.

“Sadly, in other to sensationalise and draw public sympathy, Nasiba went ahead to disparage the IGP, ostensibly to blackmail the Nigeria Police Force, for towing the line of justice.

“It is still shocking what Nasiba seeks to gain by intentional sympathy trying to denigrate the person and office of the number one Police chief, in a controversial case that started in 2017, about two years before his appointment.

“Nasiba’s cheap blackmail about the sexual orientation of Abubakar has hit the brick wall and it is dead on arrival. Abubakar is not a homosexual, has never been and will NEVER be,” Mr Umar stated.

He noted that all the allegations had gone further to show her desperation and intention to muddle up facts just to satisfy Nasiba’s emotions, adding that it is totally unacceptable that she would attempt to tarnish Mr Abubakar’s “character and reputation for whatever reason or gains and has been sued for defamation of character.”

“Finally, for all those who have been in contact with Abubakar, they will objectively attest to his personality and behaviours. Hence, there is no iota of truth in Nasiba’s “tales by moonlight” write up. It is only attention-seeking and it should be disregarded in its entirety,” he stated.

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