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Advocacy for positive behavioral patterns seeks establishment of libraries across LGs in Nigeria

In a nation where the future is painted by the aspirations and potentials of its youth, there’s an urgent call for action.

The Advocacy for Positive Behavioral Patterns Initiatives recognizes the vital role libraries can play in shaping the destiny of Nigeria’s young generation.

The mission is clear: libraries should be established in every area council across the country. This initiative isn’t just about books; it’s about nurturing a positive behavioral landscape and lighting the path to a brighter future.

Role of libraries in shaping positive behaviors

Nigerian youth encounter a myriad of challenges daily, with peer pressure often leading them down uncertain paths. The power of peer influence cannot be understated, and without constructive alternatives, the youth can become vulnerable to negative choices.

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While religious centers offer spiritual guidance, they might not provide the intellectual stimulation and resources required to build well-rounded individuals.

Libraries as beacons of hope

Libraries are more than just buildings with shelves of books. They are beacons of hope, guiding the way toward personal growth and a brighter future. Libraries offer a space for reflection, research, and learning, providing free access to a wealth of knowledge, from books and magazines to academic journals and digital resources. They ignite curiosity, nurture critical thinking, and create a sense of inclusivity and social cohesion.

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Why libraries in all area councils?

The Advocacy for Positive Behavioral Patterns Initiatives champions libraries in every area council, driven by the principle of equal access to knowledge and education. By dispersing libraries across the nation, we ensure that even the most remote and underserved communities can access the wealth of knowledge these libraries offer. This initiative bridges the gap between urban and rural areas, creating an even platform for intellectual growth for all Nigerian youth.


In a country where the youth constitute a significant part of the population, investing in their intellectual development is equivalent to investing in Nigeria’s future. Libraries are catalysts for change, empowering the youth to explore, innovate, and shape a better tomorrow. It’s time for the government to prioritize the establishment of libraries in all area councils, leaving a legacy of knowledge and opportunity for generations to come. Let’s strike a balance between religious centers and educational sanctuaries to truly empower the youth of Nigeria.


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