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Challenges and tasks ahead of the new ACF BoT Chairman – Bello Umar

By Bello Umar

Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF) is a prominent political and cultural association that wields significant influence over the political landscape of Northern Nigeria.

With the appointment of Alhaji Bashir Dalhatu as the Chairman of the Board of Trustees, the ACF has taken a commendable step in entrusting the leadership to an experienced elder statesman. As the new BoT chairman assumes this crucial role, he faces a plethora of challenges spanning security, socio-economic development, political stability, religious tolerance, and cultural preservation. This piece delves into the tasks that lie ahead for the new BoT chairman of the ACF.

Security Challenges. This remains a paramount concern in Northern Nigeria. The new chairman must prioritize efforts to address insurgency, banditry, communal clashes, and other criminal activities. Collaborating with relevant security agencies, advocating for increased intelligence sharing, and promoting community-oriented security initiatives will be vital.

Socio-economic Development.

Advancing socio-economic development is crucial to uplift the region and improve the livelihoods of its people. The chairman must focus on promoting inclusive economic policies, attracting investments, and supporting entrepreneurship and job creation. Prioritizing infrastructure development, quality education, healthcare facilities, and rural empowerment programs will be essential.

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Political Stability. On the issues of politics, the region has witnessed political tension and electoral challenges in recent years. The new chairman must work towards fostering political stability by promoting peaceful coexistence, encouraging dialogue among political stakeholders, and ensuring free and fair elections. Instituting mechanisms for conflict resolution and enhancing political participation and inclusivity are key tasks.

Religious Tolerance. The north being a religiously diverse. Religious diversity is a significant aspect of Northern Nigeria’s cultural fabric. The chairman should promote religious tolerance, interfaith dialogue, and peaceful coexistence among different religious groups. Encouraging religious leaders to actively engage in promoting harmony and countering extremist ideologies.

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Cultural Preservation. The rich cultural heritage of Northern Nigeria must be preserved and celebrated. The chairman should prioritize initiatives that promote cultural awareness, heritage preservation, and youth engagement in cultural activities. Encouraging cultural exchange programs, festivals, and arts and crafts initiatives can help strengthen the region’s cultural identity.

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In Conclusion. As Alhaji Bashir Dalhatu assumes his role as the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the ACF, he faces an array of challenges that require strategic vision, concerted efforts, and collaboration with relevant stakeholders. By addressing security concerns, driving socio-economic development, fostering political stability, promoting religious tolerance, and preserving cultural heritage, the new chairman can contribute significantly to the overall progress and prosperity of Northern Nigeria. It is through these dedicated tasks that the ACF can continue to shape the region’s political landscape positively and create a conducive environment for growth, unity, and harmony. I’m optimistic the new Chairman will save the north from these quagmires.

Umar, a media professional writes from Kano

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