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Governors vs Deputies: What politically divides them ?- Adamu Aminu


Politics particularly in Nigeria awash with various definitions. Some described it as a game of numbers, where the majority carries the votes.

While others were of the view that, it is a tournament of mistrust and betrayal with the intent to keep permanent interest floating.

More so, many looks at Nigerian brand of politics, embroils with a multitude of eye-service and superficial subordination to godfathers, with ambitious strides to reach the peak of stardom, before the real motives of disobedience, later manifest itself.

While the other way round, politics connotation in Nigeria is synonymous with well-crafted investment on a political pawn, intentionally to teleguides, when comfortably seated on the power-throne, towards sucking the juicy benefits embedded in the polity, which at the tail end, excessive highhandedness and manipulations, transforms political friends to political enemies.

The aforementioned connotations of what appears to be the exact replica of the friction and tension which would justify some state governors, their successors as well as political godfathers going politically apart, can be traced back to the advent of the fourth republic. From 1999 up to date.

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Historically, the Zamfara state is a typical instance where the governor’s dream of appointing successor turned to nightmare.

It can be recalled, the present bearded Senator, Ahmed Sani Yarima, an ex-state governor, who catapulted to fame for introducing Shari’a at that time, haven’t had it easy for appointing his deputy, Alh Mamuda Shinkafi as his successor.

At that time, accusations and counter-accusations from both parties swelled fat, trading blames between Yerima and Shinkafi reached disproportionate dimension which permeated the nook and cranny of Zamfara political homestead.

Blames and accusations from Shinkafi coalition were piled upon Yerima, at that time for being high-handedness, overbearing nature and feeling undivided ownership approach of Zamfara political landscape.

While Yerima teeming group were pouring out hatred chants to the ex-governor Mahmoud Shinkafi for biting the hands that feds it.

It has gone to the point of being branded as the ingrate, power-intoxicated, self-deceptive impression of coming of age by challenging his political godfather.

In fact, the past Yerima-Shinkafi tug-of-war has set an overwhelming scepticism in-between state governors and their deputies.

Likewise, in Kano, the epicentre of northern politics, whereby history is currently repeating itself in tandem with what is transpiring in-between Governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje and his predecessor, the ex-governor, leader of Kwankwasiyya red-cap movement, Senator Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso.

Even though, as reportedly said Kwankwaso was pressurized to nominate Ganduje as his successor, while the political pundits are of the view that Kwankwaso’s overbearing nature and exclusive political ownership approach, triggered their parting ways with his successor – Governor Ganduje.

From the other angle, as reportedly hinted, Ganduje’s long-standing and total submission to Sen. Kwankwaso while he was deputy, was nothing more than a superficial stance, waiting for the day to flex his political muscles as Governor of Kano state.

But all this were said to be rhetorics and mere speculations from mudslingers fanning the embers of slight loggerhead between Ganduje-Kwankwaso, that would make their political soup, constantly meaty and deliciously oily.

Well, whatever the case may be, this has become a widespread political jittery enveloping the minds of incumbent governors of apprehension to nominate their deputies as potential successors.

Just for reasons only known to them.

The same thing allegedly applied by Senator Ibrahim Shekarau, during his governorship tenure for refusing to nominate his deputy Abdullahi Gwarzo as successor instead nominated Salihu Takai.

But, as an adage goes saying ‘ In every generality, there must be an exception’.

Undoubtedly, the incumbent Borno state governor Baba Umara Zulum and his predecessor Senator Kashim Shettima have broken the jinx existing between governors and their potential successors ( deputies ) with regard to the jittery attached with who would accommodate the governor’s throne.

The pairs, formidably show to the world that they are partners in progress as far as Borno state development is a concern.

The kind of praises, encomiums and commendations showered upon Governor Zulum from his political master Senator Kashim Shettima, is a testimony that right peg is inserted in a right vacuum based on the lofty democratic dividends being enjoyed by the entire Borno citizenry.

What is now being awaited for in Kano, the epicentre of northern politics. Would Governor Ganduje allow history to repeat itself or not?

Adamu Aminu, a Public Analyst and Media Profesional writes from Kano



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