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The imperative need to grant Kwara North opportunity to govern the State in 2027- Hassan Zubairu Muhammad

By Hassan Zubairu Muhammad

To begin with, I want to seize this opportunity to appreciate my audience for their usual support and understanding of the political views I share. I believe that the service of our dear state is a bunch of responsibility resting on the shoulders of every citizen irrespective of tribe or region.

This piece is to express my deep concerns and shed light on the undeniable reasons why it is crucial that Kwara North be granted the chance to lead our great state come 2027.

Over the years, we have witnessed the central district of Ilorin rule for a significant period of 16 years (counting), while another region of the Yorubas, Ifelodun LGA, had had its fair share of governance for a period of 8 years. It is essential now, more than ever, to ensure that Kwara North’s aspirations for leadership are fairly acknowledged and considered.

First and foremost, it is a matter of fairness and equitable distribution of political power and opportunities. As a diverse state, Kwara should provide equal chances for different regions to partake in governance. Denying Kwara North the opportunity to lead after the lengthy rule of other areas would be highly unjust and likely create dissatisfaction amongst the people.

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Moreover, granting Kwara North the chance to govern would bring about a fresh perspective and new ideas to address the challenges facing our state. Each region possesses its unique set of issues and needs, and it is only through a comprehensive understanding and representation of these concerns that we can achieve true progress and holistic development. Kwara North, with its agricultural potential, cultural diversity, and rich history, has the potential to contribute immensely to the growth and advancement of our state.

It is also worth highlighting that Kwara North is adequately prepared to assume the responsibilities of governance. We possess competent and visionary leaders who have demonstrated their commitment to public service and community development. By allowing Kwara North to lead, we can harness the collective wisdom, expertise, and experience of these leaders to pave the way for a brighter future for our state.

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Lastly, it is also worth highlighting, the growing sentiment within the Kwara North communities that, if not granted the opportunity to rule in 2027, it may resort to more radical means to achieve its rightful place in the state’s governance. As responsible and peace-loving citizens, we should strive to address these concerns through dialogue, inclusivity, and fair representation. By proactively acknowledging and addressing the desires of Kwara North, we can ensure stability, harmony, and unity within our state.

In conclusion, it is imperative that Kwara North be given the chance to govern the state in 2027. Recognizing the lengthy rule of other areas and appreciating the unique contributions that Kwara North can make, we must uphold the values of fairness, inclusivity, and democracy. By doing so, we foster an environment of unity, social cohesion, and shared prosperity.

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Thank you for your attention to this matter. I have only spoken from my own views and therefore portray no any sentiment to anyone or a region. It is a reminder to harness the inclusivity of all by providing a mutual understanding and general support towards the actualization of the Kwara North 2027 agenda.

Best regards.

Muhammad writes from Dumagi, Edu L.G.A, Kwara State.


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