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INEC: Kwara REC faces over N300m bribery allegation as PDP raises alarm




The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) hereby informs the public that the Resident Electoral Commissioner (REC) of Kwara State, Mr. Garuba Madamin has been compromised. The most important aspect of democracy is the conduct of free and fair elections, and we fear that Kwarans are about to be denied this. We are privy to information that shows that the REC is in cahoots with the Kwara All Progressives Congress (APC) party and the executive governor of Kwara state, Mal. Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq.

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We draw the public’s attention to these allegations of clandestine meetings between the REC and the executive Governor of Kwara state. These allegations also state that over three hundred million Naira (N300M) changed hands in such meetings. Apparently, the word about this conspiracy got out because the REC has refused to “carry along”  his INEC team in his greed.

Adding to the above revelations was the shocking outburst credited to the compromised REC, Mr. Garuba Mandamin during a management meeting, where he is alleged to have said;

*“I totally hate Saraki and I will do anything in my power to stop him in Kwara state”.*

This unfortunate confession is a pointer to his morbid obsession with illegality and plot to tamper with the democratic process and procure an illegal electoral advantage for the APC and Mal. Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq.

The REC has allegedly gone to Niger state (He is also of Niger state origin) over the last weekend to bring Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) voter’s registration machines, in what is a clear attempt to assist the APC and Mal Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq in their dark schemes for the 2023 general elections. According to these leaks, their sinister and diabolical targets are Baruten, Ilorin West and Asa local government areas. The idea is to use these imported machines to register only APC party voters in the newly created polling units where there are between 0-50 registered voters in these three Local Government Area. We expected the REC to officially announce the arrival of such machines in a press conference to all political parties if he was an unbiased umpire. However, he chose to only inform the APC.

We at the PDP are hereby calling on all security agencies and anti graft agencies to investigate this planned electoral heist. We are also calling on the INEC chairman, Professor Mahmood Yakubu to please investigate this matter. We do not think, from all facts on ground, that the Kwara state REC intends to conduct free and fair elections in 2023. It is in this vein that we ask that the Kwara state REC, Mr. Garuba Madamin be redeployed from Kwara state.

The normal unwritten norm is that a REC can only conduct a single electoral cycle in a location before they are posted to another state. That is, before their mandatory tenure expires.

We again call on all security agencies, anti graft agencies and all political parties to investigate our claims. Kwarans want to have a free, fair and peaceful electoral process in Kwara state, come 2023. We certainly to do not want an election tainted by an allegedly biased umpire like Mr. Garuba Madamin at the helm of the affairs in INEC during the 2023 Electoral cycle in Kwara state.

God bless Kwara state.


Prince ‘Tunji Moronfoye.

Kwara state PDP Publicity Secretary.


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