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MacArthur Foundation, UNODC, ICPC to host conference on ending corruption in Nigeria

The Behavioural Change Cohort of the MacArthur Foundation has announced its Behavioural Change Conference and Exhibition 2023, under the theme, “Fostering a Corruption-Free Nigeria.”

A statement by the Foundation on Tuesday said the event will take place on Wednesday, 15 November at D-Serene Exclusive Hotel in Abuja.

The Behavioural Change Conference will be a unifying platform in which participants will be leveraging strategic insights from experts, thought leaders, and stakeholders from the public, private and development sectors to tackle the menace of corruption in Nigeria. It will equally highlight and emphasise sustainable development ideals in the country.

Key guests and speakers at the conference include Bolaji Owasanoye, the outgoing ICPC chairman; Kole Shettima, the On-Nigeria Director at MacArthur Foundation; Joe Abah, Country Director, Development Alternatives Incorporated (DAI); international donors; speakers from the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), alongside other development partners and CSOs.

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In speaking about the oncoming event, Mr Shettima of the MacArthur Foundation, which sponsored the conference, pointed out that, “the MacArthur Foundation has consistently employed behavioural insights in building momentum for change through Nigeria-led anti-corruption initiatives. This has been one of our most effective models in the work that we do, as we forge ahead with our Big Bet on Nigeria. We are excited about the forthcoming conference in which we hope to foster greater interaction and collaboration of ideas with our grant cohorts and partners through deliberations that align with our goals.”

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As a crucial anchor for the organisation of the BC Conference 2023, Akin Fadeyi, the founder of Akin Fadeyi Foundation, said that “over the past few years, the BC Cohort has been a robust coalition of various organisations that have tirelessly advanced the objectives of the On Nigeria 2.0 anti-corruption programme through behavioural change interventions with measurable outcomes. The support and dedication of our esteemed partners, especially the MacArthur Foundation, have been pivotal to our attained milestones and trajectory in the mission to rid Nigeria of corruption. This event shall be an exhibition of sorts, in which we will all showcase our work for stakeholders and partners to appraise.”

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Also, the Provost of the Anti-Corruption Academy of Nigeria (ACAN), Olatunde Babawale, a professor, has highlighted the significance of the conference as, “a strategic platform of engagement aimed at rebuilding Nigeria’s integrity, as highlighted in the National Ethics and Integrity Policy (NEIP).”

He added that “corruption erodes trust, hinders development, and threatens the future of our nation. Hence, the Behavioural Change Conference will provide a collective platform to address these challenges and foster a corruption-free society.”

Attendees at the BC Conference 2023 will have the opportunity to engage in insightful discussions, network with like-minded individuals, and share best practices with the ultimate goal of fostering a corruption-free society. Renowned speakers and experts in the field of behavioural change and corruption prevention will provide valuable insights into the role of behavioural insights in driving anti-corruption interventions, utilising both conventional and non-conventional strategies.

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The organisers have provided a registration link for the event, which will draw participants and change-makers dedicated to various layers of citizen-led anti-corruption efforts:

To register for the event, click here:

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