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Treat Niger coup as collective ECOWAS issue-Stakeholders urge Nigeria

Aminu Kano Centre for Democratic Studies, Bayero University Kano has urged the Nigerian government to think critically before engaging in war with its next-door, Niger Republic, because of the negative multi-sectoral implications it may have on both countries.

SOLACEBASE reports that the Centre said the government of Nigeria should rather than venturing into war with its meagre resources, channel the same to other critical areas of national development such as power, agriculture, education, security and so on.

This was part of the resolution in a communique issued at the end of a one-day roundtable discussion organized by the Centre, on Thursday with the theme, ‘’The Niger Coup and ECOWAS intervention: perspectives on multi-sectoral implications on Nigeria.’’

The communique signed by Prof. Habu Mohammed, Director, Mambayya House, advised ECOWAS in the interest of the African continent withdraw the threat of military intervention and engage with the military regime in a constructive dialogue on how best to resolve the contending issues.

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‘’Accepting the ECOWAS decision for military intervention in Niger Republic by President Tinubu is not strategic as Nigeria has benefitted immensely from Niger Republic in many folds including security and the same gesture should be reciprocated. However, civil engagements should be facilitated by the Nigerian government to restore constitutional order in the country, ‘’the communique said.

‘’The roundtable raised issues that said the ECOWAS should note that the Republic of Niger has in many occasions protected Nigeria from security sabotage and terrorism – any military action against it would have corresponding implications in Nigeria

‘’It said it supports the sustainability of democracy in the Niger Republic and the West African sub-region at large but NOT on the altar of unconstitutional means or military intervention of the regional Community.


‘’Any military intervention or war with the Republic of Niger is unthinkable, considering the historical, cultural, religious, political, economic and kinship ties between the Niger Republic and the Federal Republic of Nigeria; in addition, both countries have mutually supported each other on critical issues of national security, including the vital role played by Niger during the Nigerian civil war (1967-1970) and its current gesture of accommodating Nigerian refugees from the North-East and North-West geopolitical zones.

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‘’By all enlightened estimates, Nigeria does not have the economic resources at the moment to spearhead the funding of the ECOWAS’s proposed military intervention in order to restore President Bazoum to power.’’

According to the communique, the fundamental interests of Nigerians should be taken into account before any further action including the concern for the continued unity of Nigeria.

‘’The government of Nigeria should treat all issues regarding the coup in Niger as a collective ECOWAS issue and not a Nigeria-Niger issue which is capable of breeding suspicion and lasting sour relationship between the two countries.

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‘’CSOs in Nigeria should work alongside those in Niger Republic to dispel the simmering hatred against Nigerians by the Nigeriens arising from the current debacle between the Nigeria-led ECOWAS and Niger Republic and support a quick return to democracy in the latter.

The roundtable was attended by academia, media, CSO and religious leaders among others

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