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Opposition parties lost presidential election due to overconfidence-Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari says while the All Progressives Congress (APC) was working hard to retain the presidency, opposition parties were basking in the euphoria of “false hope”.

Buhari spoke on Thursday during a meeting with APC governors at the state house, Abuja.

The president said his party blended confidence with caution and worked hard to win the election.

Buhari also criticized the opposition parties for failing to accept defeat.

“They were already telling their foreign backers that they would defeat the APC. They are finding it hard to convince those who supported them from the outside why they are unable to beat us,” he said.

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“A combination of overconfidence, complacency and bad tactical moves made them lose, plain and clear. This has created more problems in their camp.  Why did they fail to remove us?

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“An important reason I congratulate Asiwaju on winning is that the opposition got support and false hope from outside and went on to create the impression that they will win, that they will defeat us. How more wrong could anyone be?”

Buhari urged the governors to continue solving problems and address critical issues among themselves openly.

He added that open discussions will help them survive politically.

“Try and keep solving problems. Be courageous to discuss them openly between yourselves. This is the best way to survive politically in Nigeria, you (governors) have a program to meet regularly and to discuss issues and how to maintain the party nationwide,” he said.

Atiku Bagudu, Kebbi state governor, thanked the president for the leadership he had given to the party and the nation.

“Congratulations, your party won the presidency, a majority in the senate and for being the leading party in the house of representatives. These successes would not have happened without your support,” Bagudu said.

“History will remember you kindly. Around the world, the election is being celebrated because of the turbulence in the region and in the developing world, all courtesy of your leadership. We won by sheer hard work, the same thing you have always encouraged us to do. We thank you immensely for everything.”

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