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Purposeful, enviable 7 years leadership of Dr. Olusegun Sesan Aluko as Rector, Fed. Poly Ilaro, Ogun State- Sunday Alu

By Sunday Alu

Seven years in office, of Arc. Dr. Olusegun Sesan Aluko as Rector have remarkably left unprecedented footprint of indelible mark that brought massive development, amongst which include, building and rehabilitating over twenty eight new structures and establishing new academic departments as he complete his historical tenure as Rector, Federal Polytechnic, Ilaro, Ogun State by the end of September 2022.

When the governing council of the Federal Polytechnic Ilaro, in Ogun State, took a decision to appoint Dr. Oluwasegun Sesan Aluko as the Rector of the Federal Institution, they may not have fully anticipated that their decision was in the right direction that would bring a massive turn around and un-precedented development to the polytechnic now a cut edge one and well sought for among others in Nigeria and neighboring countries by parents for the admission of their children.

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Dr. Sesan Aluko who coincidentally is an Alma mata of the polytechnic and an architect by profession now at the last lapse of his tenure and the first to be appointed for a seven year tenure, never left anybody in doubt of his intellectual, administrative capability, and capacity to move the school forward to greater height following various new administrative and academic learning departments he has established during his tenure under review that exceeded the expectation of every one including the government and people of Ogun state, especially, the people of Ilaro, Ogun State and it’s environ listening to and enjoying the Ilaro Polytechnic fm radio station he established now educating, entertaining and informing the people which has further enlightened people of the community on politics and government policies.

On 26th September 2014 to 26th September 2022, became exactly seven years ago, when Architect Olusegun Sesan Aluko assumed office as Rector, Federal Polytechnic, Ilaro.

It was indeed faith and fate combined that brought the Institution thus far, the period of Dr. Aluko’s glorious leadership has been eventful, culminating in the growth and development of his dear alma mata.

Before his appointment as Rector of the institution, Arch. O. O Aluko, a PhD Holder, was a Pioneer Head of Department for Architecture and Former ASUP Chairman FPI Chapter, and Former Dean, School of Environmental Studies.

With his pedigrees and avowed determination to make the Federal polytechnic a conducive citadel of learning, Dr. Sesan Aluko has recorded significant success in many areas after becoming the Rector of FPI Seven (7) years ago.

His administration achievement within the period are the reconstruction of access road from East Campus to female hostel, construction of 500 seaters lecture room, Entrepreneurship Development Centre, School of Environment studies studio, international conference center and guest room.

Others are: renovation of hall of residence, construction of School of Communication, construction of BC, BD, BF, BE Lecture rooms and construction of twins 250 seaters lecture room.

Arch. Dr. Aluko also carried out the renovations of School Health Clinic, Laboratories and Purchasing of Equipment including the renovation of Engineering Building.

The untiring Rector who has intoxicating penchant for structural development also embarked on the extension of the institution’s library.

He equally instituted a new stable Academic Calendar for the school and an improvement on Campus Security Networking with the provision of security uniform, gadgets and equipment for the security staff who are very proud of their profession and work towards healthy living on campus.

Dr. Sesan Aluko’s administration with the cooperation of his both senior and junior staff had put ideas together and introduced the following eighteen  new courses stated as following, Agricultural and Bio Environmental Engineering, Taxation, Insurance, Library and information, Public Administration, Mass communization which metamorphosed into the established IFP frequency modulated (FM) 92 Radio Station now educating, entertaining and informing the institution, Ilaro community and Ogun State in general.

He also, established other new Departments which are Music, Leisure and Tourism, Nutrition and Dietetics, Transportation Management, Arts and Design, Agricultural Technology, Welding and Fabrication and Mechatronics.

After building a befitting fuel filling station, Rector Aluko also purchased more shuttle buses which provided off-Campus shuttle services during  students examination periods for the convenience of the students including the establishment of a Computer-Based Examination Centre with the provision of full internet registration processes.

He brought functional streetlights on campus, Construction of School of Agriculture building

He also employed qualified and capable hands to support the existing results-oriented academic and non-academic staff to help the institution achieve the aims of its founding fathers.

Precisely on July 26th, 1979, a law was promulgated by Federal military government announcing the creation of  Federal Polytechnic Ilaro, FPI among others and presently located in Ogun State while the motive behind the then newly born ivory tower was mainly to be technology driven.

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It would be recalled that after four decades of the creation of this citadel of learning, during it’s 40th birthday celebration few years back, an insight investigations have proven that the institution has surpassed the set out objectives that were laid down by  FPI fore bearers with the present Rector, Dr. Olusegun Sesan Aluko at the helm of affairs of the institution and has  set the millennium pace by upgrading the institution with the establishment of additional twenty eight (28) new departments within the Span of just 7 years tenure in office.

It is pertinent to state emphatically that in actualizing  dreams that were outlined by the creators of FPI the current Rector of the institution, Arc. Dr. Olusegun Aluko seemed  to be spiritually connected to those noble ideals that propelled the establishment of an institution that is now described as a national academic symbol of pride, and academic asset per  excellence.

According to records, Arch. Aluko joined FPI in 1986 as a lecturer, rising through the ranks to become the dean of Environmental studies, his dedication, discipline and selfless services were rewarded  with his ascendance as the rector of FPI, a new cap won on September 24th, 2014.

Speaking on the articulated man servant leadership tactics of Dr. Aluko, some students of the institution said Dr. Aluko had successfully moved the school forward in various spheres of intellectual capabilities and proven abilities to ever ready to complete with other polytechnics as it is now one of the best institutions in the country.

The students who preferred anonymity observed that the management of the school under the Dr. Aluko’s administration has done tremendously well in all ramifications of human and educational development.

The Public Relations Officer, FPI, said the management of the school anchored by Arc. Aluko has enjoyed massive supports and loyalty from members of staff, students and constituents of the management team of FPI.

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He posited that the cordial working relationship that stitched the members of the management team and the board of directors of the institution together is solely responsible for the conducive atmosphere that envelopes the institution in oneness of purposeful leadership which have resulted to the unequal quality the school has attained today compared with the past administrators of the institution.

The constituents of the FPI constituency have continued to thumb up the leadership skills of  rector Aluko and the appreciation of the institution’s community of how Dr. Aluko has performed to their liking.

They note that his readiness to listen and address issues appropriately has endeared him to his peers and members of the school community.

Olusegun Aluko speaking on the 40th year celebration of the polytechnic could not find words to describe the feat that had been archived since the establishment of the school.

Aluko, who celebrated the successes and sacrifices made by his predecessors boasted that the institution is now equal among its equals.

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While enumerating his contributions towards the upliftment of FPI, Aluko fingered the birth of the department of mass communication as one of his legacies that would not be forgotten so easily.

According to him, the creation of the department of mass communication has broken the monopoly savored by MAPOLY in the churning out of the crème de la crème of the media industry in Nigeria and media professionals who are adjudged to be successful while practicing off the shores of Nigeria.

The rector revealed that the friendly trade union relationship enjoyed by his led management is a fruit of  his commitment to the welfare of members of staff at FPI.

Aluko stated that the management hold sacred all issues relating to the welfare of FPI workers, dismissing the insinuation that the school management is in the habit of gratifying the trade unions to wade off industrial actions.

He argued that, where the demands and suggestions from professional trade groups like ASUP are promptly and appropriately addressed the need for industrial disputes would hardly breed its ugly head.

Aluko advised graduates and undergraduates of the institution, not to engage in any activity that would dent the image of the school in order not to dent the good image of the school so as not to forfeit their certificates.

He explained that the certificates obtained from the institution are properties of the school and could be withdrawn from the possession of FPI  alumni who are caught or indicted of committing acts that could demonize the school.

Aluko who remained unrepentant in enforcing strict discipline on campus compliance to decent dressing attitude of both workers and students alike till the end of his  tenure said professionals should adorn decent apparels, this he said distinct them from others, citing examples of the dressing and hair style codes been adopted by those in the law profession.

Reports revealed that the rector does not blink over security issues, aside morale boosting initiatives for security operatives, as he always provided the  school security personnel with pairs of new uniforms and working boots apart from paying their salaries regularly which morale booster.

Our investigations revealed that the school has continued to enjoy peaceful atmosphere, as FPI is well secluded from the activities of human and other types of predators.

Investigation further revealed that Dr. Aluko led managements since its inception of his tenure has swallowed the old adage, which stated that “all work without play makes jack a dull boy,” this belief was the precinct for the unwavering  supports  doled to sports and other on campus social activities.

Due to Dr. Aluko’s love for sports and entertainment the FPI Rector’s cup was donated to the institution where students from various department compete for and won alongside open air concerts which are testimonies to the lively social atmosphere on FPI campus, the school community are spared the time and resources to bite the social aspect of life.

The untiring Rector who is always filled with many progressive ideas promised to do everything possible and within his capability to take the institution to greater height before the end of his additional four-year tenure which he has gloriously fulfilled.

Tongues have continued to wag over the cordial relationship between the school and its host community, Olusegun Aluko being born into a monarchical lineage comprehended the sanctity of the royal institutions  and therefore deployed the royal tools which enhanced the co-habitation with the ivory tower community and its host communities.

The achievements of Dr. Aluko since he took charge at FPI which could be best described as very great and awesome were adjudged to be enviable enough to have earned him another second term four years fresh mandate, which was handed to him in 2019.

This features on Dr. Sesan Aluko’s Seven years tenure will not be complete without taking note of the height of an academic, structural intelligence and un-equal administrative capability extremely displayed during his tenure, it is advised that such an intellectual gem should further be engaged in the affairs of nation building so as to further tap from his wealth of experience of administrative expertise and intellectual property attained by Dr. Olusegun Sesan Aluko.

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However, the successes achieved by Arch. Aluko can not be said to be complete without mentioning Deaconess Mrs. Omowumi Aluko who was part of the brain box that made the achievements of Dr. Olusegun Aluko possible.

As the saying goes that behind every successful man a woman must be behind him, so Mrs Aluko must have played a significant role by making the house peaceful and conducive that enable the rector to relax at home after the day’s work and ruminate on how the next day activities can be successful. So we equally congratulate the wife too for her perseverance, diligence and understanding.

Alu, a media professional writes from Kogi State.

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