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CCIJ partners CENOZO to strengthen investigative journalism in West Africa

The Center for Collaborative Investigative Journalism (CCIJ) and the Cell Norbert Zongo for Investigative Journalism in West Africa (CENOZO) have signed a memorandum of understanding

SOLACEBASE reports that the signing of the agreement is aimed  at bolstering investigative journalism and enhance media capacity in the West African region,

The partnership was announced in a statement jointly signed by Jeff Kelly Lowenstein Founder and Executive Director, CCIJ, and David S Dembele, Chairman of the Board of CENOZO.

The statement said the partnership intends to facilitate joint investigative projects, skill-building initiatives, and the exchange of resources among journalists and editors across the sub-region. Specifically, the accord underscores a commitment to mutual cooperation, with an emphasis on transnational investigations, shared knowledge, training programs, co-publications, and the advancement of journalism activities among their respective members.

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‘’By joining forces, CCIJ and CENOZO aim to elevate the standard of investigative journalism by undertaking comprehensive cross-border investigations on topics of common concern, ‘’the statement said.

‘’Both organizations pledge to maintain an active and consistent collaboration, seeking to foster excellence in the field and contribute to the establishment of more transparent and equitable societies.’’

‘’The partnership also aims to foster solidarity between members by promoting shared surveys for publication, thereby maximizing the reach and impact of crucial issues. Additionally, the collaboration seeks to identify opportunities for combined funding for cross-border investigative projects and the development of specialized resources catering to investigative journalism.’’

The statement read,’’ The organizations are also set to engage with other entities invested in strengthening investigative journalism across West Africa. This broader cooperation aims to cultivate an

environment conducive to press freedom and the promotion of integrity in public affairs.

CCIJ Executive Director Jeff Kelly Lowenstein expressed enthusiasm about the partnership,

lauding CENOZO’s integrity and investigative prowess. “I’m excited about what will come from our joint efforts,” Kelly Lowenstein said.

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CENOZO Board President David Dembélé emphasized the organizations’ joint commitment

to combat corruption and poor governance through a united front: “We know that financial

delinquents and other apostles of bad governance have connections and structures with

ramifications far beyond our states. That is why it is important for us to work together to fight


every shade and / or appearance of these unhealthy governance practices within our countries,

our sub-region, and globally. CENOZO is, therefore, more than excited to join forces with CCIJ

to expose and denounce these evil practices with everything we have.”

Established in Burkina Faso in 2015, CENOZO is dedicated to fostering the capacities of

investigative journalists through training, mentoring, grants, and networking. Their association

welcomes investigative journalists from across West Africa who have demonstrated a dedication to the field.

CCIJ operates as a non-profit news organization with a global focus on investigative reporting

that leads to accountability and solutions. CCIJ is dedicated to orchestrating and spearheading

worldwide investigations with a foundation in strategic mentorship. Its mission revolves

around nurturing a form of collaborative journalism that places captivating visual narratives,

thorough investigative journalism, and cutting-edge data science on equal footing from the

beginning of projects. Through this disciplinary synergy, we craft a distinctive narrative

approach that shines a spotlight on underrepresented communities.

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The partnership between CCIJ and CENOZO not only promises to elevate the standards of

investigative journalism in the West African region but also exemplifies a collaborative

approach to addressing issues of corruption, impunity, and governance challenges that transcend national borders.

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