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Debt politics in Kaduna State- Abubakar Jiddah Usman

By Abubakar Jiddah Usman

Any keen observer of politics and power play in Nigeria’s political arena since the return of assumed democratic governance in the country, in 1999 till today, there is no love lost between the current landlord of Sir Kashim Ibrahim House, Kaduna, and his benefactor, the immediate past occupant is, and should not be unexpected.

Virtually no state in the country that has not experienced such bickering between the inheritor and the inherited. In most times, one finds the anointer trying to lord it over the anointed, who, as should be expected, would resist being taken for granted.

At times, in few instances, if any – before now – it is the anointed that would try biting the fingers that fed him.

Kaduna is no exception.

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However, one thought, in Kaduna State, if there was going to be any animosity between the inheritor and the inherited it could have been on all, but debt.

The inheritor could have taken any subject matter to show the world that he is today at dagger drawn with his benefactor, but certainly not the debt profile of the State, for at least two obvious reasons.

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One, he was, minus voting rights, a full-time participant in all State Council decisions of the first 4 years of his benefactor in office. Lastly, he ensured the approval of the very debts he today complained about, during his stay at the National Assembly.

Therefore, the debts, if not dancing to the gallery, or the euphoria of being embraced by those notoriously known, for decades, if not centuries, to hate, with passion, people of his stock, are the least issues he should complain about.

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He probably never meant any harm in what he said. If so, this calls for caution and choice of words, in any public speech.

One wonders how those who served in the last government and are still serving the present one feel about these altercations!

For his benefactor, I hope he calls his young lad (and by extension, his entire family) to order. He has all it takes to defend himself without his family picking the gauntlet for him. After all they have been paddies, buddies and family friends, 5 & 6, with his successor, for quite a long time, for any of their upsprings to fight their fights amongst them.

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One’s hope is that they go behind the scenes to fight their fights. Kaduna State is overstretched to accommodate their emerging no-love lost relationship. No need to hit up the polity, unless for want of something tangible to offer.

Usman, a media professional writes from Kaduna


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