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2024: Nigerian author, Ndifreke Ukpong unveils plans to address changing linguistics

Nigerian author, Ndifreke Ukpong has unveiled his plan to craft a modern English textbook specifically designed to match the changing realities of linguistics.  

Speaking during a book review session at the weekend in Obot Akara, Akwa Ibom State, Ukpong shared the backstory of his novel,  “20 Days In The Tunnel”. He posed significant challenges during its creation, starting in 2021 and almost leading to its abandonment at times.

Ndifreke emphasized that beyond being a novel, “20 Days In The Tunnel” serves as an educational tool, conveying the message that individuals from diverse backgrounds can achieve their goals.

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Comfort Unwana, the session’s chairperson, to highlight Ndifreke Ukpong’s contributions to Nigerian literature. Unwana applauded Ndifreke’s efforts in breaking stereotypes and promoting the idea that one’s background does not determine their future. She commended Ukpong for providing inspiration to the youth to pursue their goals independently.

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During the session, Unwana asked Ukpong about his aspirations regarding literary records. In response, Ukpong expressed his ambition to contribute to education by crafting a modern English textbook. 

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He underscored the importance of updating educational materials to reflect the current linguistic trends, noting how words and expressions that were commonplace in the past may now be considered outdated. In our modern era, the English language continues to evolve rapidly, Ukpong remarked. It’s essential that our educational materials keep pace with these changes to effectively engage and educate our students.

Despite acknowledging the challenges inherent in such an undertaking, Ukpong affirmed his unwavering commitment to the project. He emphasized his determination to see it through, recognizing the significance of creating a textbook that not only meets the needs of the current generation but also sets a high standard for future education.


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