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Engineers highlight factors to be considered before road construction with concrete by FG

The Federal Government has been urged not to advocate a single type of pavement, for concrete roads but rather, ensure proper evaluation of the suitable type of pavement on any particular region, state, or location.

Similarly, the government was charged to take note that the choice of concrete pavement type should be based on the peculiarity of such site which will be evaluated thoroughly by relevant professionals considering the environment, soil type, traffic censors, and availability of construction materials, machinery, and manpower.

This was part of a communique issued by the Nigerian Institution of Civil Engineers (NICE), Ilorin Chapter, recently after an interactive session over the planned move of the federal government for road construction with concrete rather than the use of bitumen.

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The communique was signed by Engr. Z. B. Bolajoko, Chairman, Nigeria Institution of Civil Engineers, Ilorin Chapter, said concrete and flexible pavements exhibit advantages and disadvantages depending on the location of the application.

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‘’The concrete pavement needs high initial cost and low maintenance cost which is contrary to flexible payment,’’ the communique said.

‘’The federal ministry of Works, COREN, NSE, NICE, NIHTE, ACEN, and other collaborating institutions, the independent consultants, and the academic world need to quickly update available data for the use of professional engagements in the Design, Construction, and Maintenance of Nigerian Roads.

This calls for the provision of adequate budget for the exercise.’’

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‘’The public works procurement which is being practiced presently needs a complete overhaul by addressing the corruptive tendencies and industry participants’ commitment for quality service and operation. Maintenance all over the world is not funded from yearly budgetary appropriations. It is funded through a dedicated fund which comes in the form of affirmatory reform policies through political will only.

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‘’Dedicate funds such as “Road Fund Reform” Which is yet to come into play in Nigeria must be legislatively enforced almost instantly, to save our collapsed road infrastructural facilities from further deterioration.’’

‘’The rigid pavement order needs further scrutiny, especially by the pavement industry players and policymakers for sure conviction for its implementation because a rise in the consumption capacity of cement may call for a challenge in production capacity.

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‘’Finally, NICE Ilorin chapter is of the opinion that adopting concrete pavement type for the whole of Nigeria is like adopting a particular food or clothing for the Nation. To this end, pavement type should be based on site configuration.

The client should ensure that, at a pre-tender stage, the necessary design shall be carried out by a competent professional firm/personnel, taking into consideration the necessary reconnaissance survey, geotechnical, geophysical, and topographical surveys for preparing necessary drawings and specifications.


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