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Fact Check: Charly Boy lied! Fulani vigilante group not registered with CAC

On February 1, 2024, Nigerian singer Charles Oputa, also known as Charly Boy, claimed that the “NOMAD VIGILANTE NIGERIA LTD,” a Fulani vigilante organization, is now registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). 

He attached a CAC certificate alongside the caption saying  “Can U imagine? IT’S NOW OFFICIAL – The Fulani “National” Vigilante Organisation! Now, INSURGENTS CAN have wings! IPOB was proscribed as a Terror Org. Sunday, IGBOHO & friends were imprisoned. BUT, GUN CARRYING, Kidnap & Terror Organisation was REGISTERED!! We Neva Ceeee shomtin!!”

In a bid to fact-check this claim, SOLACEBASE checked the name of the company claimed to have been registered on CAC website but it brought no result, indicating that the organization in question is not registered with the CAC. 

We also checked using the registration number and it shows nothing of such on the CAC database. By the time the picture was analyzed using Invid, an image verification tool, it was discovered that the company registration number and company name were doctored.

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As you would assume, Nigerians have been through a roller coaster of emotions since the increase in the number of kidnappings and killings in the country. So, the photo has gathered over 700 retweets and comments as of the time of filing this report. 

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But it wasn’t the retweets and the number of people that saw the photo that really got SOLACEBASE thinking; what was interesting and somewhat disheartening, was the number of hostile comments that accompanied the photo. Even if the tweet is retracted, the message has already been sent; opinions have been shaped; and violence may occur.

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