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[Full List]: Nigeria tops 2023 homelessness ranking in Africa

Nigeria has been ranked as number one in the placement of the countries with the highest record of homelessness in Africa in the year 2023..

This ranking is according to data from World Population Review.

With a rapid population growth, at around 2.6% annually, Nigeria grapples with a significant homeless population due to several intertwined factors.

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The development has tremendously impacted the country’s resources, including housing.

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Homelessness is a global problem, with millions of people around the world living without a safe and stable place to call home.

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Here is a list of the top 10 countries with the highest homelessness rates in 2023:

Nigeria: 24,400,000

Pakistan: 20,000,000

Egypt: 12,000,000

Syria: 6,568,000

DR Congo: 5,332,000

Bangladesh: 5,000,000

Colombia: 4,943,000

Afghanistan: 4,660,000

Philippines: 4,500,000

Yemen: 3,858,000

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