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JUST IN : Security agents prevent jail break in Kano


An attempted jailbreak was prevented at Nigeria Correctional Service at Kurmawa in Kano by security agents during a protest by inmates on death roll.

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Solacebase reports that the protest that started around 6.00 pm was brought under control after an hour later.

Many of the scared residents told Solacebase that Sporadic gunshots were heard within and around the centre as many of the security personnel guarding the facility surrounded the area that led to pandemonium close to the period fasting Muslims were preparing to break their fast

Spokesman of the Kano Correctional Service, DSC Musbahu Lawal Kofar Nasarawa told Solacebase, on Thursday night that condemned prisoners caught with prohibited items and seized by the authority created pandemonium in the facility.

‘’We have about 150 inmates on death roll and some of them were caught with more than 20 mobile phones (Andriod inclusive), marijuana and other illicit drugs, ” Musbahu said.

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DSC Musbahu said the inmates protested when the authority intensify the search with the discovery of those prohibitive items and how they were smuggled into the facility

He, however, said the Correctional facility Controller, Mr Suleiman P. Suleiman has constituted a committee to unravel how the illegal items got into the facility so as to take necessary action to prevent a recurrence.

Although an unconfirmed report had it that the commotion was triggered by poor quality of food the inmates are served to break their fast, despite the fact that a philanthropist, Alhaji Abdussamad Rabiu, provided adequate food items to cater for the Ramadan needs of the prisoners at the facility.

However, the Spokesman of the Correctional Facility, denied this, noting that the menu of the inmates will surprise anyone with food served the inmates at this period.

‘’Honestly, it is not true, even as a journalist, you can conduct your own investigation on their feeding. Apart from what is provided by the government, there are support from philanthropists that makes food to be in excess for them,’’ said Musbahu.

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