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Kano-ACReSAL leads campaign for clean energy with transition from generators to solar power system

The Kano Agro Climatic Resilience in Semi-Arid Landscape (ACReSAL) project has embarked on a transformative journey of migrating from conventional power generators to cutting-edge solar power systems.

SOLACEBASE reports that this innovative move underscores ACReSAL’s unwavering commitment to climate-resilient agriculture and sustainable development in Kano State.

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A statement issued by Kano ACReSAL communications officer, Maryam Abdulkadir, on Wednesday, confirmed the development.

‘’ACReSAL has been at the forefront of pioneering solutions to address climate change challenges in Nigeria’s semi-arid regions. This latest endeavor represents a groundbreaking shift toward renewable energy sources and the reduction of carbon emissions associated with traditional power generation,’’ the statement said.

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The statement said the transition to solar power systems is aligned with ACReSAL’s mission to not only combat climate change challenges but also lead by example in sustainable practices. By harnessing the abundant sunlight of the region, the project aims to reduce its carbon footprint and promote environmentally responsible initiatives.

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According to the statement, Dr. Dahiru M. Hashim,  ACReSAL Kano State Project Coordinator, said the transition to solar power is a testament to ACReSAL’s determination to lead the way in sustainable development in semi-arid regions.

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‘’As it harnesses the power of the sun to fuel its operations, ACReSAL sets an inspiring example for other organizations, demonstrating that a greener, more sustainable future is within reach.’’

The statement said four key highlights of the transition include, Clean Energy Adoption: ACReSAL’s shift to solar power signifies its commitment to clean and renewable energy sources. Solar panels will capture the region’s ample sunlight to generate electricity for project activities, reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Also, Cost Efficiency: Solar power systems offer long-term cost savings as they require minimal maintenance and no fuel expenses, reducing operational costs for ACReSAL.

Reduced Environmental Impact: The transition to solar energy contributes to a reduction in air pollution and carbon emissions, aligning with global efforts to combat climate change.

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Lastly, Community Empowerment: ACReSAL’s move to solar power systems not only benefits the project but also serves as a model for the community, promoting sustainable energy practices.

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